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2019 Opinions DONE

2ndJan 9, 2019 by BengalBoy
imageSorry it's late I was busy bantering with a DBF. Just gonna tag the people I missed here so they don't miss out

Brayden_ - A nice respectful lad who enjoys the simple thangs in life like Adventureland and fish tacos 👍 always try to leave you a cheeky comment and an Askme when you're getting looked past on the blogs page. Rooting for you with heroin bittie too 👌 go get'em tiger *pats you on the back* and I will be seeing you in 2019

ghrocky100 - Rocky 👌 a strapping young lad who pulls off elephant ears well. A master of group games and a nice guy all around.

Yandereboy12 - Still a little disappointed you won't date my friend PureEssence, but nonetheless you're a funny guy who always has an entertaining gif or two to show

Minniemax - Whether you're finding gifs or asking questions you always give it ✋110%✋, a real go-getter who's lively 24/7. Always fun and entertaining and a real nice lass to top it off

s73100 - The Tom Holland. Just a nice young fella who always keeps it real and has his friends' backs. Top respect to you mate and I will be seeing you in the Budtatoes

cfff - Don't think we've ever had a run-in but I recognize your name from way back when Obama was in office and you've always seemed alrite to me ✋

M_Davis1998 - LMAO tbh I mostly only know you for when you used to go a lil WiLd with multis and your daycare Big Brothers but you've always seemed like a pretty nice dude to me and never had an issue with ya. Yeah, not a bad fella by any means and I will prolly be seeing you in 2019

XxLoveWakizaxX - WAKIZA WAKIZA! A funny character who's always full of personality, a Native creative, an ambiguous gender public defender, a top dog who always has an interesting blog, one thing's for sure there's no one else on Tengaged like you and I will be seeing you in 2019

TrollingPenguin - YOU HAVE BEEN TROLLED BY THE TROLLINGPENGUIN. Lowkey a top m8, even though we only catch up about once every 6 months you always come in clutch with the funny comments and copy pastes. Top respect buddy and I hope I will be seeing you in 2019

Memphis_Grizzlies - Big John! *ruffles your hair* You're like a lil brother to me who I'll make fun of for not doing starjumps but still defend when he's told to g* k*** h******. We always have a good hearty chuccle in chats and agree on a lot of the same things. Good kid and loyal kid and your confidence will grow over time buddy. Top respect and I will be seeing you in 2019.

Insanity - ABSOLUTE INSANITY 😵 my bro dating back to like 2013 when we would send each other SnapChats looking shocked and going for a tinkle. A top lad who's always up for a bit of banter. Glad to see you back in 2018 and hopefully I will be seeing you in 2019.

pinkiepie512 - My oh my, it's pinkie pie! Don't think we've ever spoke but I'm glad you're becoming a vet because I've got some SICK Pythons to check out 💪💪 but for real you seem like a nice lass so if you ever wanna chat or need help with your fake workouts HMU.

AllieBoBallie - Allie Bo Ballie 😇 after years of barely talking we finally reconnected in 2018 and, hoo boy, what a wild ride it's been! Always fun to reminisce on old school TG with you even if sometimes the coastguard might get a call. I'm rooting for your career and I will be seeing you in 2019 on the Neg Fin Cruise. Now bugger off you bong addict.

paul028 - Paul 028, a real good mate. A real salt of the earth Norn Iron lad who's out here getting nice comments for people without expecting anything in return. Always enjoy your blog series and your banter and I as hell will be seeing you in 2019

FireWolf - FIREWOLF 👿 with every new account you get a bit better and I think FireWolf is your best. A real solid bloke who knows his metal and always has a question or two to ask. Top respect mate

Gardenia - We rekindled the alliance once again this year for Discord and what do you know? We made f2 like it was NOTHING 👌 even though you're on a Skype exile it's always gr8 when you pop back in for a bit of banter, my fav Loonarian and Eddienator and I will be seeing you in 2019

Rocketokid13 - Big Bad Billy. The type of bloke who would go to the ends of the earth to recruit someone for his ORG. You are packing some CAKE in those pantaloons of yours and your eyes kinda just do it for me hehe. For real though you're a funny fella even though you get yourself in some goofy sitcom situations. I will be seeing you in 2019 and looking forward to Big Brother Prime with a cash prize and 😈😲💀EPISODES💀😲😈

Minie - I didn't see you in 2018 but still my top Sri Lankan gal 👌 see you in 2019

Quackerz - Big Chris Quack. Super cool and chill guy, I actually meant to mail you the other day cuz I stumbled upon your late opinion on my PYO blog LMAO. Thanks for always checking in brother, you've always been a good guy and I've supported you in stars hella times. Top respect and I'm sure our paths will cross in 2019

Arris - HELLA cool guy even though we don't talk a lot or anything you're a top m8 and I can always rely on you for good blogs page banter and good opinions 👊 good luck with your dissertation and I will be seeing you graduate in 2019

skyler1822 - Even though you go disappearing for months at a time sometimes we always pick things RIGHT back up where we left off when you're back. Someone I could talk to about pretty much anythin or just have fun teasing you, beating you at games and distracting you at work. You're fun, hot and I like how you have such a good memory ;) even though we don't always keep in touch you're one of my faves so I hope I will be seeing more of you in 2019

obscurity - We haven't talked in about 8 years but you've always been a sound funny guy and I have fond memories bantering with you back in the Epics chat when I told you to call yourself SagarGenesis

Timberlie - Berlie Boy 😈 some people here might not like you for beating their a$$ in frooks and stealing their girls but you and me? We're like two bros in a pod, just a coupla bros doing bro things (no bromo). I will be seeing you in 2019 brother

koolcoop - A real KOOL guy who gets bitches and money and always has something funny to say in blogs. Top respect lil man and I will be seeing you in 2019

owlb0ned - Thank god you put "jess" or I would've forgotten who you are, haha *whew* nah but seriously it KINDA goes without saying at this point but you are one of the best ppl I've met here. We've reached the nirvana of friendship where we can talk about anything, joke about anything, and fuck raw against a hotel window without any underlying complications. Our paths will cross again one day and, when they do, well... *lets out a brief chuccle* Let's just say things are gonna get WILD! Thanks for always being genuine, loyal, and pretty fu*kin (fuckin not furkin) sexy. Love you babe and I will be seeing you in 2019

immaxyman - Give me a sign, hit me baby one more time.

KrisStory - It's a KrisStory baby just say yes! You're a chill guy and I always enjoy joking around with you cuz you're a good sport about it. Will be supporting you to win stars if you join again- I think 2019 might just be your year ;) hehe. All the best lil fella and I will be seeing you in 2019

Runaway - Action Jackson! You've always been a good lad, back in the days you had the funniest antics like pulling 35 year old Noontar when you were 15 and camming with Fat Paddy LMFAO. Nice to see you back buddy and hope everything's going good for you. I will be seeing you in 2019

iYBF - Best on the site at pulling gays and winning Skype games, proud of u brother and I will be seeing you in 2019

austino15fffan - Austino! 👊 Even though you might lose a poll here n there and blog about being hated I don't think that's really the case, you're just a nice reserved lad who stays outta the spotlight. A top Final Fantasy fan and a real friendly kid who always gets the h*t girls. Always been chill in my books. Top respect lil fella and I will be seeing you in 2019

PaulaDeen - Paula Deen, the queen of the scene. You're a funny lad who does his own thing, dresses his own way and DOESN'T GIVE A FUQ what the haters say. Your blogs and asks are always entertaining and you're a character n a half. Top respect mate and I will be seeing you in 2019

BrittBritt - LMAO look at you walkin' up in my blog in ya crocs carrying a pot of gumbo and peeing everywhere smh. You're a cute lil thang and talking to you is ALWAYS entertaining. Does ybbob mean you be bob? I think more chats are in order so you can help me with my resume and maybe I'll give you another 15 minutes of giggling fits. HMU sometime lass, will be seeing you in 2019

Katherinee_ - A real frooks slayin', survivor playin', Game of Thrones displayin' Bulgarian bad ass. Always liked you even though we haven't had the chance to talk much. Top respect and I will be seeing you in 2019

Burgerman2929292 - Burgerman.. Oh ho ho haha *chuckles* do I EVEN need to say anything? Everyone knows you're the baddest man on the site, the kinda guy who would fix you up a burger but take your woman if you're not careful. Burger Big Brother is bigger than Stars these days and whenever you blog we all know we're in for some lettuce and pickles. Tip top respect my dude and I will be seeing you in 2019

SuitMan13 - LMAO WHENEVER I SEE YOUR NAME I JUST REMEMBER THE TIME YOU RANDOMLY FAKED CANCER FOR LIKE 3 DAYS THEN SAID YOU WERE CURED but aside from that you're a top group game guy good job my man and I will be seeing you in 2019

Paige54 - Heck, where do I even START? Haha! You're still the same ol' Paige you were when you joined the site- super sweet kid, always up for a joke n a laugh, and smart beyond your years. We always have a good laugh whether we're chuccling at pea doughs or chortling at rhyming memes. Even though SOMETIMES I'm a SMIDGEON busy and can only muster up a "ROFL" you're still a top m8 and I will be seeing you in 2019 *ruffles your hair* *tickles your chin* *boops ur nose*

lexeyjane - Thanks for the leaks ;) Just kitten. You ight and we've had a couple fun convos in the past

Forest_Knight - One of the friendlist lil fellas on the site. You've got a sicc accent and a sicc attitude. A master of rap battles and a master of construction. If I was gonna get anyone to build my house, it'd be you, whether it was on Minecraft or IRL. Always got top respect for you Austin and I will be seeing you in 2019

titoburitto - 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 BIG TITTY 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 You're a real hard nosed alpha male who slays copious amounts of pussy pretty much on the reg. Like Montana you're a bloke I've always had top respect for even though we don't talk all that much, your observations on people are always on point and your banter makes me howl. See ya in 2019 my man

bibbles - BIBS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 the mother of Tengaged. Those who know you love you and those who don't know you are simply missing out. A real British babe and someone who hasn't changed a smidgeon since 2008. You BETTER make a blog on August 7 2019 cuz even though you don't care for people making a fuss over you or anythin you deserve it. Top respect lass and I will be seeing you in 2019

blogs - M8s for 12 years n countin. Whether you're in Canada or Bristol, you'll always be in my heart

SharonMaItems - #MrsStealYoPNGs and the master of gettin gifts $$$$$$$$$


We love the positivity man
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LMAOOOOOO nailed it big man 💯👌
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nailed it
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Does ybbob mean you be bob?
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love that rap!
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King I have always admired how you literally always manage to finish all the pyns lmao
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Awww thanks bengalboy
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dammmit bengalboy wtf do i gotta do to get my hair ruffled and chin tickled
awww ty tho it was nice <3
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best f2 x
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