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[PYO] Post Your Opinion, I'll Post Mine

1stDec 16, 2018 by BengalBoy
imagePost your opinion of me, I'll post my opinion of you. Longer comments will get longer responses and I'll finish all of them 100% GUARANTEED
bigbrotherlover7 - A real, no nonsense, poker playing, class delaying, super soaker spraying bad boy. A loyal and good mate.

Delete2544 - You're a reality chick with a nice purple wig.

Maxi1234 - Sicc down to earth and friendly dude and a real gaydies man. We gotta face off in Smash Ultimate soon so I can piece you up as Ness

EmmaM - Never talked but you seem like a good solid lass, HMU anytime

FireWolf - Very nice fella who manages to never ignore an AskMe and always asks good questions. We got a lot in common including music so I think we'd be good bros 👊

PrinceVans - Look pal, you know the rules.

MarieEve - A lil needy and obsessive but your heart's in the right place and it's funny talking to you sometimes, especially when you're talking about watering flowers

Marktint_1 - (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

SharonMaItems - LMAO you should join some of these Skype chats #MrsStealYoPNGs

DaddyDev - A funny unique fella with fruity hair. If you didn't lose, you woulda won

Paige54 - LMAO smh I don't make fun of you I just mess with you a 👌 little 👌 smidgeon 👌 but really you're one of my top friends on here and I always enjoy our funny chats even if SOMETIMES I might be busy and do a quick 'LMAO' before I can properly respond. Always appreciate you kiddo *ruffles your hair* *tickles your chin*

Thumper91 - Hey baby, we might go a while without talking sometimes but we always pick things right back up when we do ;) we'll Snap real soon, glad you're not all stressed up in knots with 2 jobs anymore and sorry you gotta deal with C****'s goofy ass Skype drama

PoohSnap - Your name makes me laugh

PrinceVans - Vans is funny haha i think he ginger. Nah but for real, you're my little brother (not like that weirdo littlebrother) and an all around good kid, glad you're back for the banter and always got ur back fella *pats you on the back*

Lemjam6 - A real no bullshit good guy 💪 💪 we've always had a solid level of respect for each other and you've always been a chill fella to me even though some people here get torn up at you over games and shit. Top respect brother.

Memphis_Grizzlies - You're a good lil bro and a funny kid, proud of u buddy

GoodKaren - You're a sweet lil one with your own trademarks like the loading cat gif and make a wish, a good presence on the site

MJFJUNE - Always got time for you brother, a funny and underrated dude. BIG MJF

BrainJak - Watch your back, it's big BrainJak! Super unique fella who's unlike ANY1 else on the site, a genuine fellow at heart and a jolly good fellow. Enjoy bantering around with you on the blogs and reminding you #DogsAreBetterThanCats and I always appreciate your sound comments and opinions. Top respect.

AllieBoBallie - By far Patrick's best and prettiest Tengaged girlfriend (slightly above ShayyBayy). We don't talk so often and for a while I thought you weren't capable of saying anything other than "who's gonna gift me" but for real you are a fun girl and I appreciate our chats in Tribe Neg Finn and you not calling the coastguard on me.

D882 - You make good ocean liners

Absol - 🗣

PureEssence - Well aren't you just a lil angel? You may be a library-dwelling geek but you're the most genuine and fun lil prude I've ever met. The typa girl to always catch me off guard with the lengthy opinions, cute blog tags and mails, hence why you're my favorite and I give you special treatment. No matter what happens I got ur back, whether it's for a cheeky midnight chat or you need me to embarrass some loser nerds tryna pick on a lil girl on the blogs page. Can't frickin WAIT to start our YouTube channel ^_^. Seeya on Skype babe

koolness234 - Big Josh Kool 👍 another staple of the site, a true competitor and a fella who always has a good sense of humour about thangs. Top respect buddy

ItsAlexia - Even though you won't admit that Pitch Perfect is g*y, you're a good kid. It's funny how we went from not being friends at all to being top notch bros (Y) you're a nicer guy than people give you credit for and mad loyal to your friends

Bluejay7622 - Wesident Evil. Glad we put our bumpy start in stars behind us to be two, no bullshit, kettlebell-carrying blokes. You've gotten way better at the game since and I'd like to pretend it's from the tr*uma I delivered in that game. But seriously, all that bollocks aside you're a good m8 and a g*y who could pass for str8.

Kuririn - Honestly mate I'm proud of you for living out your Sweet Day and doing creative-ass zombie apocalypse games, keep doing your thing and ignore the haters

EmzThorne - LMAO even though everyone gives you slack for the hacking and multis, behind the nerd shit you're sound as h*ck and a funny guy, always have a cheeky chuccle at your blogs

Joobix - Word bro it's been forever, you're a charismatic fella who always livens up a game or call and has no problem being himself, top respect my man

Aquamarine - ROFL tbh I've never had much of a problem with you except for when you flip out over TG, I feel like we were boys back in the petslover7675 days then there was a solid 7 years of you taking me too seriously and going ARGHGHGHRHG THAT BENGALBOY : but I'm glad we still have a cheeky chuccle from time to time over a good game of billiards and a ShayyBayy joke

iiVoloxity - Well, well, well, if it isn't my doppelganger. You have some nerve showing your face around here pal. Nah just kidding mate, hope everything's going well for you and miss the banter, I still feel like Eileen the dinner lady was *slightly* robbed but we'll let it slide lad

christossss - g*yboy

Minniemax -

Matte - Now look mate, usually I wouldn't accept reservations but you've always been an upstanding guy. Incredibly polite and respectful to everyone. It's a shame some people complain about Brazilian users and claim they ruin the site cuz you clearly prove them wrong. Top respect big Matte 👍

Birks4444 - LMAO you're about as strong as a double pleated piece of tissue paper ya big booty boy

Guigi - You'd be a whole lot cooler if you didn't care about TG popularity ratings nerd LOL you're funny and chill though I always get a chuccle when you inadvertently catfish straight guys

noah_kondon - We've never talked but you've always been m*d cool to me, the typa dude who stays out of drama and is sound to everyone. Clearly a straight up guy who has his priorities in order. Thanks Noah

purplebb4 - LMAO I like you buddy I've always gotten on with you well and enjoy all your humor and gifs 🤜

yoshicoolman - All around good kid, you can miss me with that g*y shit but for real always enjoy your jokes and respect the fact you've always been so positive even throughout your illness. Proud of you lil fella *ruffles hair*

Burgerman2929292 - Burgerman, Burgerman, does whatever a Burger can. You sure as HECC aren't irrelevant mate, everyone knows and loves Burger Big Brother and you're one of the most unique fixtures on the site. A real group game master and a Burger to behold. Top respect brother

Arris - Super cool fella, one of the TGers who actually has a life and talks about things from a normal perspective. Top respect mate

semajdude - A bit fruity and needs some new banter but you're an entertaining fella and loyal guy

J2999 - For he's a jolly good fellow that nobody can deny! A football crazy chocolate man and a bloke that always stays positive and ignores drama

BrittBritt - Cute lil Southern Belle with questionable choice in footwear, good evolutionary defense mechanisms, and a heart of gold. We've only talked a couple of times but I see us becoming a lot closer in future with 15 minute chats and more.

Amnesia_ - Oh you are just the nicest lil thing! *pinches your cheeks*

smackdownisblue - Damn son at those group game achievements *whistles and wipes sweat off of forehead* you seem like a real alpha male gameplayer who knows how to get the job done. Top respect for your kind comments mate I'll definitely be looking out for you in future

Ari_ - You've always struck me as an observant and intelligent guy, very real and genuine. Top respect to you mate and thanks for all your good comments. Why is this happens? Is it because we are from BULGARIA?

ghrocky100 - Awesome lil guy with a sicc sense of humor, can take a joke and not afraid to poke fun at himself. Never seen you be anything but positive and you sure know how to run a blog game. Top respect Alex

WorkBitch - LMAO what

Diva1 - I remember when we very first met you were such a unique personality on Tengaged that me and Dav literally thought you were one of our friends on a multi LMAO. Boy were we wrong! You are a one of a kind kinda woman who's endlessly generous. And despite how nice you are to everyone you also have 0 tolerance for bullshit and disrespect, I respect that in a woman. Thanks for all the great blog comments over the years, we need to catch up in mails sometime.

Temeky - Awesome lil fella who's always been cool as hecc to me. I don't join games often but that one stars you and Martin played is one I kinda wish I joined cuz it woulda been HELLA fun. Can always chat more in mails if you want, always got time for you brother. Top respect

Birks4444 - You're about as strong as a low-grade paper machet vase. But you're a nice kid and a staple fixture of Budtatoes, just stop freaking out and leaving LOL 👌

CalebDaBoss - PIMP with the best blogs

MichelleObama - Peculiar fellow

mradamman12 - A real big bucc who drives a sicc trucc, proud of you mate

coreyants - ok


youre funny as shit and a lady killer
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,Dec 16, 2018
you're a big buck lick something
Sent by Delete2544,Dec 16, 2018
A womanizer with a personality of gold, you always manage to make your average teenage gay boy (or girl!)'s day. Keep it up, you're the REAL gentleman of Tengaged.
Sent by Maxi1234,Dec 16, 2018
I don't know you that much, but you seem friendly and fun to be around
Sent by EmmaM,Dec 16, 2018
King of blogs page, stars, and ask me. Teach me your ways
Sent by FireWolf,Dec 16, 2018
don't make me type another one smh
Sent by PrinceVans,Dec 16, 2018
Funny but not always loll
Awesome blogger
Generous of your time with plussing commenting many blogs
Good looking guy
Sent by MarieEve,Dec 16, 2018
Sent by Marktint_1,Dec 16, 2018
you should talk about me in your skype chats more.

Sent by SharonMaItems,Dec 16, 2018
Funny eek
Sent by DaddyDev,Dec 16, 2018
im tired ok
Sent by DaddyDev,Dec 16, 2018
I love people calling you a king when all you do is say some variation of LMAO whenever I say something to you :(
Ur kinda a flop
Sent by Paige54,Dec 16, 2018
youre a real good guy very geniune i love our convos i miss talking to you more maybe soon ;) idk snap me sometime since i have more free time :)
Sent by Thumper91,Dec 16, 2018
whore ^
Sent by DaddyDev,Dec 16, 2018
all of your blogs make make laugh
Sent by PoohSnap,Dec 16, 2018
Really want to do a Shane Dawson type series
On the persona/life of BengalBoy
honestly how the fuck do you describe this guy?? Sociopathic tendencies? Truly unaware of his own ego? Tengaged's bad boy or just a boy who's life is bad?
Sent by PrinceVans,Dec 16, 2018
I think you're a really cool guy and although we have never been super close and don't have personal conversations I feel like we have a mutual respect and like for each other and always support each other when we can.
Sent by Lemjam6,Dec 16, 2018
You're super funny except when you make fun of me and I kinda stan you and I wish you would autograph the forehead of my firstborn child because you're just that amazing. Thanks for ruffling my hair sometimes.
Sent by Paige54,Dec 16, 2018
ur better than most people
good job
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 16, 2018
You're blogs are iconic and I like your blog comments :)
Sent by GoodKaren,Dec 16, 2018
Funny as hell and despite your fame you still have time for the peasants such as I
Sent by MJFJUNE,Dec 16, 2018
Amazing. Not wrapped up in the bullshit. You still love the limelight though XD But you're good in it, not some toxic evil person who revels in it. You don't need it, it's just there for you, and I think that makes people respect you even more.
Sent by BrainJak,Dec 16, 2018
you're probably one of my longest time (?) friends on this site.  i feel like we have gone in stages of talking often to never at all but i still feel like you're someone I can count on and you're always there for a good laugh!
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Dec 16, 2018
you make good one liners
Sent by D882,Dec 16, 2018
Sent by Absol,Dec 17, 2018
one of my best buddies on here and one of the only reasons i log onto skype! you're real as fuck, a true friend, and super super loyal. time flies when we have our late night chats n i appreciate u helping me thru life quite a bit. you're a gem <3
Sent by PureEssence,Dec 17, 2018
Hilarious, and a staple on the site. Interactions are always funny with you, and the only people who dislike you are twats without a sense of humor.
Sent by koolness234,Dec 17, 2018
Sent by ItsAlexia,Dec 17, 2018
Thic boi. King of going to the gym. You’re really good at stars, and it was annoying to go against you. Super chill guy one of my fav straights on this site <3
Sent by Bluejay7622,Dec 17, 2018
Idk u very well, but i saw blogs about u and how ppl like to talk with u, i bet u are a awesome person and i wish u the best things in your life!
Sent by Kuririn,Dec 17, 2018
Hot stud daddy who helps me gift & is rugged as fuck. I really hope one day we can marry each other & you can pound my vagina to the moon & back. <3
Sent by EmzThorne,Dec 17, 2018
funny as hell and your accent makes me moist, playing fortnite with you is fun its been too long!
Sent by Joobix,Dec 17, 2018
I’ve wlways found you to be much more approachable one on one rather than on the blogs page or in a group. I always thought you were super condescending and cocky (and maybe you are) but I’m pretty sure I drunk mailed you once and you were super nice in that moment and it stuck with me. I much prefer that to the blogs subtly or not so subtly making fun of other people.
Sent by Aquamarine,Dec 17, 2018
Havent spoken in ages but, you put on a jolly good show on the blogs page and are lowkey the male version of Regina George. Like I bet if you punched one of these guys on here they would get stimulated. We've worked together a couple of times and just seem to click well. Keep up the gains :D
Sent by iiVoloxity,Dec 17, 2018
Sent by christossss,Dec 17, 2018
ur late in sending me a gif
Sent by Minniemax,Dec 17, 2018
I'll try to do this tonight matte
Sent by Matte,Dec 17, 2018
I'm stronger than you *insert angel emoji*
Get on my level Dru, you're gonna have to put some work in to do as many push ups as me.
Sent by Birks4444,Dec 17, 2018
Sent by PureEssence,Dec 17, 2018
D882 - You make good ocean liners

Cash me outside or nah hahahah
Sent by D882,Dec 17, 2018
pretty chill dude to talk to, bit overrated though ;)
Sent by Guigi,Dec 17, 2018
Hey m8, you're a cool bloke and I love your blogs and all your comments on random blogs.  Despite having only little interactions with you over the years, you are one of the most hilarious users on the site and you somehow can always bring a smile to my face, even when I'm sad on here.
Sent by noah_kondon,Dec 17, 2018
You're a top dude, bro :) I like your way of being and it's nice bc it doesn't seem fake when I see other 'nice' people are fake around here. You're a unic addition to this site, no one could replace you. I respect you and I see your sincerity in your way of being. Keep helping tengaged to grow and maiteining this sense of a good environment. Let's play one game together?! It must be fun.
Sent by Matte,Dec 17, 2018
Fails in some categories
Still iconic
Sent by purplebb4,Dec 17, 2018
You’re like a Dad to me. I love whenever we talk and you’ve never ran away when I sexualize you. You’re cool dru ❤️
Sent by yoshicoolman,Dec 17, 2018
You’re honestly the most iconic person on this site
We don’t really know each other that personally but I am too irrelevant to be in your presence so it’s all good. You also have the most iconic avatar. I can’t think of anything negative about you.
Happy there’s another straight dude on this gay site lol. Like I said, most iconic person on this site. The Burger can’t even....
Anyways Top respect man.
Sent by Burgerman2929292,Dec 17, 2018
Funny persona and also really intelligent. Good, always friendly and helpful guy. Icon of tg
Sent by Arris,Dec 17, 2018
I guess you're just jealous of my strength. Its okay, maybe someday you can be as strong as me. *ruffles your CHIN and tickles your HAIR*
Sent by Birks4444,Dec 17, 2018
isnt @Bigbrotherlove7 gay
Sent by semajdude,Dec 17, 2018
anyway ur rly funny good to chat too quality blogs great at stars and u get all the pussy
Sent by semajdude,Dec 17, 2018
Top guy, proper sound, funny as hell, entertaining, don't speak too frequently but always a pleasure when we do :P
Sent by J2999,Dec 17, 2018
Dru = nice and sweet dude on that knows how to keep people laughing, doesn't like crocs nor understands why Americans love flip flops so much, likes to use Google for all things, and is prob the most generous person here I know. <3
Sent by BrittBritt,Dec 17, 2018
You are amazing <3
Sent by Amnesia_,Dec 17, 2018
You are really popular on this site. A lot of top blogs over the years if it's not by you it's about you. Obviously a good game player due to the TV Star. You seem like a nice and cool guy and anybody would be lucky to have you as a friend.
Sent by smackdownisblue,Dec 17, 2018
Great memes, funny blogs, the cool, calm and funny guy in every group. Very interesting and rare personality in this site, tbh can't imagine the site without your presence.
Sent by Ari_,Dec 17, 2018
One of the funniest dudes on tg ever, really kind I always see you go through my blogs and comment on most and you're just an overall amazing person I'd love to talk to more.
Sent by ghrocky100,Dec 17, 2018
i want to pay u a lanch and later u fuck my ass so hard please
Sent by WorkBitch,Dec 17, 2018
My first opinion of you was that you were a player. That opinion has not changed because of all the women you are still using your charms on. I have always thought you were smart, creative and funny. Your blogs prove that. I also like the fact that you are not mean to people. I know you can be ruthless when you are playing games on here. I like the fact you can do in a charming way. That is your real gift.
Sent by Diva1,Dec 17, 2018
You're amazing and hilarious! I wish we talked more (and played more games together, have we even played one?), but of course I understand that you're busy with all the women on this site ;)

But yeah, I wish we talked more because I'd love to get to know you on a personal level, rather than just a comments-on-blogs-every-once-in-a-while basis. I have nothing negative to say about you at all :D
Sent by Temeky,Dec 17, 2018
Awesome and funny
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Dec 17, 2018
meh u ok
Sent by MichelleObama,Dec 17, 2018
a true oh to the site, love your blogs.

funny fellow and nice to mostly everyone
Sent by mradamman12,Dec 17, 2018
Sent by coreyants,Dec 17, 2018
I’m sorry for making passive aggressive blogs towards u but that’s in the past..! rly glad we became banter buddies u make everything a lil less boring :’-) you’re a rly good dude and not a total f** b***** our late night chats r like a whole other language but the banters always quality Nd ur always there to help when people like kirschy or prince lightskin try it. I would give you a 4.5/10 includes 13 absences
Sent by anthousai,Dec 17, 2018
whenever i check this site i usually check the blogs page, the stars game, and a couple people's profiles. yours is always included bc you're cool as heck and funny and I wish our paths crossed but alas they never really did. massive appreciation tho
Sent by Quackerz,Jan 1, 2019

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