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3rdDec 6, 2018 by BengalBoy
imageSince lexeyjane and tiffanox3 both lost their TG boyfriends, we'll be entering a 3-way m*rriage. Figuring out the dates and the honeymoon currently. We won't be using condoms but I will be pulling out.

Love u girls ­čśś


Lex and I are still together
Sent by ItsAlexia,Dec 6, 2018
Sent by Rubes,Dec 6, 2018
Dearly beloved, we are gathered hear today to join together into union, this skank
Sent by BrainJak,Dec 6, 2018
brainjak you can be the priest
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 6, 2018
BengalBoy I would be honored!!!
Sent by BrainJak,Dec 6, 2018
Thisssssssssss blogggggg <3
Sent by tiffanox3,Dec 6, 2018
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 6, 2018
hello top lad, join a game w me?
Sent by jakel0vespicklerr,Dec 6, 2018
jakel0vespicklerr LOL i'm not into games, but glad to see u back mate ­čĄť
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 6, 2018
Grats mate! *ruffles your hair*
Sent by astone929,Dec 6, 2018
Sent by GoodKaren,Dec 6, 2018
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 6, 2018
Can I be the best man?
Sent by Paige54,Dec 7, 2018
can i be the brides maid bengalboy
Sent by Yandereboy12,Dec 7, 2018
U better start showing women some respect bengalboy or were gonna fight
Sent by semajdude,Dec 7, 2018
i wanna be the flower girl old lady plz
and umm wait brainjak is the priest?
ummm to quote fighterman I......
Sent by Minniemax,Dec 7, 2018
BengalBoy can I be the one who gives you a blow job when wifey isnÔÇÖt home.
Sent by Brycekeesh,Dec 9, 2018

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