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[PYN] Would We Get Along IRL

1stOct 27, 2018 by BengalBoy
imagePost your name and I'd tell you if we'd be mates, homies, ride or dies or maybe even a lil suttin suttin more IRL. Go ahead.

Mexus - I almost got you confused with the dude who wants to do a documentary series about me LMAO but yeah you're a cool guy I think we would go for a steak then for a good old fashioned game of paddle ball

m7md26 - Mohammed, you're a good man, a friendly man, and an honest man. I could definitely see us shaking hands and maybe even fist bumping if the situation called for it.

Absol - Us hanging out would be like a modern-day buddy cop film- I'd want to watch UFC, you'd want to watch RuPaul's Drag Race. We'd be in the car and I'd be turning it to Dave Matthews Band then you'd angrily turn it back to Conchita Wurst. But despite our differences, we'd always share a good honest chuckle thanks to our sense of humor.

GoodKaren - No you're like 12 yrs old I'd tell your parents to come get you

jenzie - Oh *HELL* yes! We'd be like 2 snacks in a pack, hitting the Jack-7 hard while playing drinking games before we went out to the club in Montreal and ended up in Mexico by the end of the night. Then we'd end up mukbanging mass quantities of junk food before I took you back to the hotel and lifted you up against the wall so we could make out #justsheepthings

rory17 - We'd definitely be the kind of bros who go to fortnightly basket-weaving classes together and compete to see who can make the better one

anthousai - Of course we would you effing Schmidiot? We'd go from the burrito bar to bottomless mimosas, then down a couple cocktail pitchers and be drunk enough to get matching shirts and tattoos saying Dramatic Alpha Male and Dramatic Beta Female. Then we'd find someone to Liz and use the money to buy a luxury hotel where we'd proceed to und[Removed by Admin- this could cause distress to certain users.]

peace123 - We'd hike to the top of a mountain and start howling ARURRRRRRRRRRRF in victory

FighterMan - We'd work out together then go out with the lads for a round of puddings, lord only knows the kind of trouble we'd get into haha! *Lets out a hearty chuckle* LOL! HAHAHA! JUST IMAGINE HOW HIGH WE'D BE AFTER LIKE 4 TOFFEE SUNDAES AND A CHERRY BAKEWELL. Gosh, heh.

TaraG - I think we'd get along just fine ;)

M_Davis1998 - Big Mickey Davis! I could see us going down to the bar to watch sports and pick up women, just good honest to goodness bro things between a couple of bros.

Funnehliner - Yeah me and Funny Finner going for some dinner

koolness234 - Yeah we'd hit the club for a dance-off then wing man for each other

GiGi10 - You're a vanilla man, but a good man nonetheless. We'd get along and be boys but I feel like if we were doing shots I'd finish 3 and you'd be sipping on your first one like a miniature cup of tea

Minniemax - Yeah I'd rock up to your house like get in loser we're going shopping

xMountain22x - Dunno mate

Obstreperous - No everyone would think you're my son or something

JetsRock12 - You're a good lad, I could see us lighting up, broing down, and inviting Auminee around

Christian_ - We'd be bros but I wouldn't really fit in at Church

adeleadele - You're a nice lil fella but given my cheeky sense of humor and your floral nature the meet up would only end up like this

Maxi1234 - We'd be the kind of friends who nod at each other in the hallway but only ever talk once or twice when we end up a party with the same people

Passionfruit - Haha just imagine the kind of tomfoolery a couple of buddies like us would get up to! We'd go down to the local fruit market and get some kiwis and guavas for a good honest snack.

FireWolf - I know you're a bit of an unstoppable ladies man so I could see us going to a high-class cocktail bar while you work your action and I wing man

GrrrImABear - You'd whip your piano out, I'd bring the guitar, and we'd have a cheeky jam session culminating in a new Tengaged hit single

titoburitto - We'd be two real men, doing real man things. Lifting kettleballs, eating vast quantities of steak and lettuce, throwing a ball to each other, doing laundry, then hitting the bar to talk to some quality women. Just real bro stuff- no nonsense.

_Aria - We'd be cool but I feel like you'd want to go to an embroidery class or something and I'm not really into all that

semajdude - I'd give you a pat on the head and a tickle on the chin

konohavillage1 - Well I wouldn't come to the gay sauna, I can tell you that much for free. We've always been dem boize though we'd prolly share workout routines, reminisce on the good old days, then get funny props at the mall moup94 style

Brayden_ - We'd be mates but I feel like if we went to the bar you'd just be on your phone blogging about heroin bitties the whole time

coreyants - I think it'd be a hilarious duo, if I met you it'd probably end up in some huge hate blog about me being an inconsiderate cisgender white man for using an Uber or something but I'd do it for the sheer entertainment

RightToCensor - We're the type of mates who would hit the karaoke bar together

JonMcGillis - We'd be part of a trio. Me, Phyllis, and JohnMcGillis.

Memphis_Grizzlies - Yeah you're like my little brother who I would teach to defend himself and stop saying fruity stuff like 'tea' and 'I like American Idol'

Gardenia - No. Of course we would, you're my F2. We'd tour around NYC (providing my parents didn't bar me from hanging out with a brown girl) and find things to compete in together. We'd win in 2v2 air hockey, Dance Dance Revolution, pub trivia, and anything else we could compete in together, just like we always do 👌 we would also stan Loona

Philip13 - Death before dishonor, loyalty to your homies

Loopspeare - I feel like you'd try to invite me to a p*do support rally or something and I'm not really into all that. Maybe just Roblox pals.

Arris - Yeah we'd be mates for sure

smuguy2012 - We'd be the kind of bros to go grocery shopping together then have to do a LITERAL u-turn because we saw crickets

MarieEve - Maybe ;)

oreo270 - You're a nice girl I feel like I would corrupt you

austino15fffan - Do you? Isn't that a little.... Gay?

CheapCheep - You're a funny lad we'd have a lot of banter for certain

PureEssence - Rhetorical question? You're already a 11/10 friend on here and we'd get along even BETTER in person. You could take me on a tour of Ottawa, show me Parliament, we'd do an Escape Room after downing a 12 pack of yops then even move on to something a lil harder while we played games or watched YouTube videos and made jokes about everything. See you V day ༼♥ل͜♥༽

Fetish - Oh hell yeah you're way cooler than you get credit for and good fun to talk to. Only when you're an adult though so we can at least smoke/drink instead of getting Happy Meals

jacksonjoseph99 - I don't think I'm too off the mark when I say that, like me, you're a real spaghetti and meatballs kind of feller, we'd definitely get along in that regard

Timberlie - We'd be a couple of bros doing bro things

VeryMaryKate - Sounds like a party to me Big Knag! (highfive)

Amnesia_ - Yeah sure we could go to the chippy for some deep-fried Mars Bars

Admir - You're a top mate for sure we'd have all kinds of wild times taking selfies on buses like your last meetup

Chemicalali - You're the kind of friend who would help with my chemistry homework

Jenna2010 - Heh, you know what? We prolly would!

paul028 - I'd give you a good honest pat on the back

BluJay112 - Yeah we would! We still need a joint birthday party- me you, and @kacixoxo1 too

purplebb4 - We'd squabble up like

SeaKing - Oh HELL yeah more drinks and noodles

Chic - It'd definitely be an interesting experience I feel like I'd be more laid back whereas you'd be doing pole dances off lamp posts and singing, we'd get along tho

EmzThorne - We'd probs give eachother a good honest fistbump

ghrocky100 - Yeah bro we'd make a den and watch Drake and Josh re-runs

Anas - LOL yeah I reckon you'd be a good laugh to go out with and would probs be a top notch wingman

BrittBritt - We'd get along like a pair of woolen socks

AllieBoBallie - Galentine's Date?

Birks4444 - BIG BAD BIRKS! We'd go get Indian food together

TwoStep - Yeah we'd be top bros we could have a few drinks while you told me war stories

TJ2807 - Yeah we'd go to the barbers

AshlynArehart - I'd take you for a night on the town

tonyalright - Heck yeah we would we'd go Go-Kart Racing and compete for first place

TheSexiestDude990 - Since you're in the minority of people on Tengaged who like good music we'd hit up a Pearl Jam show or suttin like that

tofutime - We'd have a Neg Finn meetup and snort lines off Irelia's booty while the rest of them played survivor on their phones

EmmaM - We'd like, TOTALLY go to the mall!

NicoleF - Yeah you're like a little bro

jjjoel - Yeah you seem like a good lad let's go Camp Flog Gnaw

Zoeygasms - LMAO long time no see mate we'd go for some dranks and reminisce on 2009

TotalDramaLover1234 - Yeah you're a good dude for sure we'd get along great

Carriexoxo24xo - Oh HECK yeah we'd get along you could be my queer eye for the straight guy

ParvatiS - Heh, I don't see why not!

jwbrine - We'd be the type of friends to always challenge each other in Hungry Hungry Hippos

mrkkkkyle - Yeah if I ever end up going to one of the ORG meetups Jess invites me to we'll have a drink together

CalebDaBoss - I'm sure you could teach me a thing or two about getting girls you big pussy slayer

2388 - We'd go get some sick fades together

yoshicoolman - I'd think you were a little kid lost from their parents and take u to the reception desk so they could help u find them

bigdizzleyomama - I fink we wud go for a steak

Kaylabby - Whats up lip pup? You'd be like a lil sister

Cheeseman2468 - Sorry mate I don't like cheese, it's not gonna work

heatherlum - Maybe if ur a good girl

Lemjam6 - We'd be like this

Insanity - Yeah we'd hang out and keep turning around and making shocked expressions at each other

tpidude73 - Oh truck yeah we'd hang out with your roommates and get our drank on

QueenDoe - Yes


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Jenovia :D
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ruffles ur hair
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Oop wrong one two ns lol minnnnnnieeeee
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I'm not 12 I'm 8 :(
(jk Admin don't ban me)
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hey m8
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Prays for the sluttin around
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Yep ok
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Meee but i know we’d he homies
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ok sure
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yeah i mean i guess
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skip to me
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Omg at my horse gif
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wtf are "puddings"
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we would get along IRL.
if only cuz i drink too much
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Me xo
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lmao hey
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Oh me
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Okay Shook @ mine
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i think so
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there’s only 1 heroin bittie in this world
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Me <3
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Me Bengalboy
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this is list is too long im sorry if you are committed to doing this
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Woooooooooow I hate you
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