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[PAC] What we'd do if we met IRL

3rdNov 25, 2017 by BengalBoy
imagePost a comment and I'll tell you what we'd do if we met. Simple as tha.

Sachi - We'd ditch your husband and take a tour around China together 👌 sample some good food and alcohol

Christian_ - I know you're a good well behaved Christian fellow so we can go to one of those American churches where people sing and dance and get lit

Roshy - I know you're a masculine red-blooded New Zealand lad so we'd watch the Rugby then get a few beers in 👍 probably slay some fucking poontang too ey bro

Jameslu - WHOA! Easy there tiger! We'd go to the bar and wingman for each other- you use your charm to hook me up with girls and I'll find you a good guy

tofutime - hiding behind your big bad mod points well i'd love to see what would happen if i ran into u on the street when u weren't behind ur dorito-dusted keyboard but i cant say on here i don't think but im sure u can imagine bitch

Lalisa - We'd hit up the local Vietnamese bakery and get some beef curry pies 💪

Bix123 - Me, you and Anas would meet up outside Toys 'R' Us, load up and food then go on a bar crawl- we'll see if Croatians or Brits are better drinkers

iamremedy - i fink we wud go for a steak

bayonetta - Spanish beach trip 🤜

Oliviaxoxo - We'd go to a gay club roffle! Nah we'd do what we talked about before, it'd definitely be more exciting than your other TG meetups 😇

JustMe - I'd help make all those dreams you told me about come true. Probably on your pool table as well

Thirteen - We'd go to one of those old movie theaters that plays horror classics

vansreborn - We'd gerron the pre-drinks, play some EA UFC and share funny stories before hitting town. Then we'd see who could smash down more Chicken McNuggets at 4am.

Maybelline - We'd help give gifts to those less fortunate

Admir - Take a random meet up pic on a bus and remove some major kebab

GoodKaren - I'd help you adopt a new pet cat init then you could pick out some corduroy trousers for me

Vanili - I'll take you on a trip around London then we'll have some drinks and you can teach me some good phrases in Svenska

paul028 - We'd go get our dry cleaning done then have a coffee

Mikasa - We'd go to a feminist rally then play V-Rally 99 in the arcade

Steel - Defo go to a Dave Matthews Band or Dispatch gig

AllieBoBallie - GALENTINE'S DAY DATE! Pancakes to start it off, some SHOPPANGGGGGGG GURLFRAND, a few girly cocktails then some quality Parks and Rec n chill

TaraG - We'd hang out at your workplace for a bit, take advantage of the free drinks then go home where I'd proceed to completely and utterly dominate you like you've never felt before

Temeky - Worsh a potate

Question - We'd go to a cooking class together and get kicked out for starting a food fight

Katherinee_ - We'd take one of those Game of Thrones tours of the filming locations in Ireland

acyuta - acyuta? I'd shoot ya! In lazer tag that is xD

BluJay112 - alrite you cute lil fella i would take yu to the park and bench ya then we would go grab a burger and eat it like men

titoburitto - we'd go start a kiki at the buritto stand then get ourselves a good old fashioned buritto and talk about slaying pussy

Ametrine - we'd take our guns to the shooting range then take our recycling to the recycling bins outside Co-Op together init

Evaa1996 - I'd massage you all over to stop you stressing out about college. Then take full advantage of that sexy lil body of yours to completely relieve you of any tension

TheEclipse - We'd go watch the solar eclipse together and I'd convince you that you didn't need glasses since our ancestors never wore them so you'd be blind for a week

LoveLife - we would try getting in the gay clubs but our straight looking ways would get us refused entry so we’d head down to weatherspoons and have a cheeky beer on tap

jflora18 - we are 2 hard lads let's have a propa gut punching contest and settle the debate on who's tougher

Carriexoxo24xo - we'd nip into Woolworths and get a joint pic n mix, both adding our own favorites to the bag and seeing what we end up with

AdamLovesEverything - with all due respect you're a bit of a gimp so i would probably just say i have to go home and paint my nails before you started saying weird shit or being awkward to people

2Beastly - I'd hit up my boy Dr Steve for a free dental check up (Y) then we could go get some premium Vietnamese food

MickJagger - since we're practically the only people here who lift weights we'd have a good old fashioned gym session together, do some supersets and spot for one another 💪💪

Paige5459 - Probably argue over who's more 'iconic' over an ice cream cone and a game of racquetball

Yoshitomi - I could see us wandering around London checking out the sights then taking each other on in a game of Smash Bros

Obstreperous - You're only a lil fella so I'd probs just take you to the park and push you on the swings but I could see it ending up in some huge rant on Tengaged about how I went home early and it's disgusting

Loopspeare - bro ur like 15 years old if we met i'd call your mom and tell her to pick you up before you started banging on about pedofiles again

marrrss - I've always wanted to hit up Toronto so we should do it together. I'm sure we'd have all kinds of good fun

turney1805 - step to my face turney and you'll be leaving on a gurney

Geazybeast21 - We could nip to the local barbers and get you a much needed haircut. Then go to Camp Flog Gnaw

tylerwayne - I'd take you to the cleaners mate

austino15fffan - we'll do a re-enactment of your meetup with Sedona culminating in a 1 hour 30 minute feature-length vlog on Bluray release

owlb0ned - When I work out at night, I imagine you touching yourself breaking a sweat or you grabbing onto my muscular arms as I fuck you until you can't scream anymore. Also I miss your tight pussy around my monster cock. Ifly :* X

Fritzyyyyy - i'd put you in a D'arce choke then we'd watch some Super Fight League classics

XxLoveWakizaxX - we would grab our laptops or warm up the windows 96 depending what you got and play Frookies until your mum comes to tell us its time for bed

Maybelline - maybe we canhave coffee and a walk. maybe watch lions king together. maybe it's maybelline

deshonBANNEDISBACK - yeah i don't see us fking tbh mate, but we could go to the local bowling alley and if you beat me i'll give you an affectionate tickle on the chin

StraightLoonie - you're a bloody straight loonie mate! i could see us taking on a couple racks of ribs at chilis then moving on to the bars to wreak havoc

FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsT - heh- what HAVEN'T we done? a-z of bad boys drinking game, smoking desmond and nipping to abdul's kebabish, flapping our wings abiv in wii fit, getting kicked out of Yates, picking up girls in Bed, making a vlog, minesweeping drinks while Colin sips on a gentleman's coffee- lord only knows what our next meetup will entail!

brookie_cookie - the only lad you should be meeting is bry

Robbster1313 - we should tour the beaches and bars of the Phillipines, get some McSpaghetti from McDonalds and enjoy some authentic Filipino cuisine

anthousai - there's nothing you and I won't do- i'll stop the world and melt with you

Mickiejames22 - let's have an Always Sunny In Philadelphia marathon, take a shot everytime you feel the need to bring up how hot Charlie Day is

xoxokaci1 - we'd find something to bake ;) make some quality cocktails then relieve some tension and cap it off by chillin' in bed and watching the Before Sunrise trilogy

baileyboy1 - we'd do a vlog together to confirm to eric_136 that we are in fact, not multis. then we'd do a stars winners signing session in Barnes & Noble but i think most people would just come for you init


ghrocky100 - we would make rocky road and throw it at the pigeons

rodrigueseve - we'd play an intense and competitive game of bowls. winner takes the loser's gemma weaves

Vlad21 - Let's make some music, make some money, find some models for wives


PoohSnap - i'd snap you in half mate

alanb1 - we'd go on a family walk :))) and talk about money and hos

k4r4k - give you that spanking you've been waiting for

joe1110 - ohhhh joe you top lad we would go for few pints and shoot some balls, snooker balls that is

rfkfdr - we'd go shopping to get you a new internet username lad

gkg0718 - we'd go to jamba juice and see who could down a smoothie faster without getting brain freeze

sosyomomma - we'd have a tengaged charity boxing match- tengaged's two toughest lads going at it in the ring for the rights to the dru/drew brand

semajdude - play catch

dwipeouts - i think we'd go on the merry go round

noah_kondon - we'd play some ultimate frisbee then climb some trees init

m7md26 - we'd go for a good old fashioned curry

Kpnna - we'd apply to the amazing race together then nip out for a round of pale ales and french fries

joey96 - me you and bry would go to Chicago to watch UFC but you could just pretend like they were bad girls club cast mates going at each other then go back to cam's for a fortnite lan party init

haliford we'd get dunkin donuts together bff

rellizuraddixion we'd hit the gym and you could show me your routine looks like it's working lad (Y)

dakotacoons traverse nyc, get some souvenirs and drinks

scooby0000 i wouldn't meet you ur 10 yrs old

Irelia I should have kissed you if the rain had lasted a minute more.

bigdizzleyomama i'd be shocked once again that you're white then we'd go go karting

banjoooo traveling in a fried out combi on a hippie trail head full of zombie

mjfjune we'd go to the mall


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sex sex sex.
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Yess me
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I could guess ;)
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we would succ
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Come at me, bro! 😝
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um sure
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I'd pull guard and leave the rest up to you, m8.
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I approve
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Update this, please, BengalBoy.
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we'd fk.
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Me x
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