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STARS 467: What the f*ck was all that about?

1stOct 28, 2017 by BengalBoy

In one of the most entertaining games I've ever played, I made it to final 4 with someone I've seen n*** (jk ;p) and a top mate who lives close to me. Some people dedicated their entire games to getting me up and out, now they're all gone and I'm here. I know a lot of the noms really PERPLEXED some people so here's why things went down as they did...

DAY 1/2: Bluejay7622 vs jhoffheat (x)

From the beginning, me, JustMe, EliotWhi, koolness234 and tpidude73 banded together making a strong and loyal core 5- this became the #Vets. We knew people would be targeting us together and we had to work to avoid any of us going up.

Another chat was made by packersfan12 called 'Irrelevants', their main goal was getting us more known players out, starting with me and Sue. For some wacky reason Eliot was added and instantly leaked to us- . Eliot went to work on causing chaos amongst their alliance while me and Sue got side allies- joey96, Volibear and Obstreperous in particular were a few of the people I personally tried to build a rapport with.

Jhoff brought himself down by exposing his alliance in the game, meanwhile Eliot made Bluejay into an easy target. We turned the game on them and kept ourselves safe.

[03:45:04] jhoffheat: Everyone is saying that I want everyone nommed
[03:45:30] dru: right
[03:45:34] dru: so whos telling lies?
[03:45:46] jhoffheat: Honestly everyone including me
[03:45:56] dru: LMAO

[22/10/2017 04:27:05] SUE: LOL NOW THE SETS ARE bluejay/jhoff jhoff/voli bluejay/voli
[22/10/2017 04:27:14] dru: LMFAO
[22/10/2017 04:27:18] dru: as long as it aint us
[22/10/2017 04:27:41] SUE: THIS IS LITERALLY CRAZY
[22/10/2017 04:27:50] dru: i think its hilarious no ones even nomming us
[22/10/2017 04:27:51] SUE: 4 hours ago me and you were the only nomset
[22/10/2017 04:28:11] dru: as long as we keep letting other people shoot themselves in the foot it should be alright

[22/10/2017 04:56:05] SUE: spartagow just told me everyone is locking in jhoff and me/you isn’t even a set anymore
[22/10/2017 04:56:13] dru: ROFL good
[22/10/2017 04:56:32] SUE: how in the world did we pull that off
[22/10/2017 04:56:36] SUE: the biggest targets
[22/10/2017 04:56:42] SUE: and we aren’t a choice now.....
[22/10/2017 04:57:17] dru: I think people realised jhoffheat and bluejay495282 are bigger popularity threats

[23/10/2017 01:37:54] Sparta Gow: I'm gonna be straight up
[23/10/2017 01:38:10] Sparta Gow: The reason I went after u two was bc I wanted to make a name for myself on tengaged
[23/10/2017 01:38:16] Sparta Gow: I watched maturo's cast assessment
[23/10/2017 01:38:22] Sparta Gow: And he said u two were the most popular
[23/10/2017 01:38:33] dru: yeah a lot of people see that but the thing is
[23/10/2017 01:38:55] dru: popularity threats in stars will always go up lol, but early on i feel like its much better to work with people like that who are getting targeted a lot
[23/10/2017 01:39:02] dru: because i haven't lied to anyone
[23/10/2017 01:39:13] dru: i really appreciate when people lend me a hand and try to do the same back
[23/10/2017 01:39:23] dru: also the longer we stay in, the less you're a target
[23/10/2017 01:39:26] dru: cuz people will always target us

DAY 3: Padfoot (x) vs packersfan12

Since packers made the chat, and spartagow blamed him for me and Sue being a target, it made for an easy person for us to target.

[22/10/2017 16:23:48] dru: just pretend you believe him
[22/10/2017 16:24:04] dru: I don't rly care that hes lying I just want him to go after someone so we can put them up n blame it on him lol
[22/10/2017 16:24:10] dru: so if he frames packers its all good
[22/10/2017 16:24:22] SUE: Lol
[22/10/2017 16:24:24] SUE: Ok

What's more, spartagow exposing his own alliance and bringing them down made him into a target. We targeted these two together, although the other side went for Padfoot and Volibear and it ended up in a split.

DAY 4: Cyrus vs Halloween (x)

Me, Sue, Cyrus and Ween had agreed to watch eachother's backs for the early game, but Ween was already gunning for us on Day 3! A lot of people actually voted for us but we worked most of the cast for votes. Volibear wasn't fond of Ween making it easy to pick up his vote. People realised they had a chance to get out the most handsome man of the game and like that, Ween was gone.

[23/10/2017 04:24:35] #Garret:
[23/10/2017 04:24:35] #Garret: me
[23/10/2017 04:24:44] dru: LMAO I'm the one getting bullied ;(
[23/10/2017 04:24:54] #Garret: whose bullying you omg
[23/10/2017 04:25:09] dru: Halloween is coming for my lunch money

[23/10/2017 06:18:52] dru: i gotta head off now but the majority of people seem set on Halloween/cyrus, theyre worried about him trying to dictate the game
[23/10/2017 06:19:05] dru: and hes going around saying anything he can to try and change votes and claiming he has majority lol
[23/10/2017 06:21:24] Joey: I have it locked gnight
[23/10/2017 14:52:34] Joey: Grats on staying safe

[00:39:19] dru: LOL mike I knew you and josh would try to split me up and blame it on someone else at whatever chance you got
[00:39:22] SUE: How’s that work for you
[00:39:23] dru: that's why I got so many side allies
[00:39:34] Mike - tpi: when the sets were Halloween/cyrus and dru/sue I locked sue and dru in oops I wanted them up and was ready to flip
[00:39:44] dru: LMAO mike you and drew did and maybe even josh?
[00:39:56] dru: so me and sue clearly did a good job of procuring votes

DAY 5: Bluejay7622 vs spartagow (x)

We figured it'd be best to burn the rest of the 'Irrelevants' alliance into the ground- sparta had already p!ssed off half the cast making him an easy target and Eliot wanted Bluejay out for targeting him. What's more, people saw me and Sue were the ones telling the truth about our votes and a lot wanted to work with us- even the ones who wanted us out before!

+0 pointsHalloween 5 days 6 hours ago
not going to lock in sue, dru, or packersfan today, other then that my vote is in the air and i wont be nominating sparta either

DAY 6: Obstreperous vs sosyomomma (x)

Although some people still wanted to go for me and Sue, the nom set going around for most of this DC was Eliot/Joey. These were 2 of my most valuable allies and no one else seemed to give a sh!t about changing the nomset- but I knew I couldn't do it myself in fear of making myself a bigger target, so I went to work.

I told Joey he'd need to come up with noms and work with Eliot since they were being put together. I subtly suggested sosyomomma - he tried to put me up and what's more, having another Drew in the game would make it worse for me when noms got sent around ;p

Meanwhile Sue was getting close to packersfan12, who mentioned he didn't trust Garret (Obstreperous). After Joey leaked some info and a couple of possible nomsets to Garret, it started getting leaked to pretty much the whole game. Now Garret was targeting 4 PEOPLE and no one trusted him. This made it pretty easy to get all 4, along with our other allies, to put him up with Drew.

[24/10/2017 01:08:41] SUE: Wes wants garret
[24/10/2017 01:08:49] SUE: But he doesn’t wanna push for him
[24/10/2017 01:09:01] dru: id be fine if they pushed for it
[24/10/2017 01:09:10] dru: drew/garrett then drew would go out
[24/10/2017 01:09:22] dru: you should encourage him a lil and be like i don't think anyone trusts garrett

[24/10/2017 02:23:40] dru: I think you should let him come up with it and push it for you
[24/10/2017 02:24:24] Joey: He said he doesn’t think its best to go after you or sue rn
[24/10/2017 02:24:30] dru: good lad
[24/10/2017 02:30:52] Joey: He threw Garrets name out there
[24/10/2017 02:32:32] dru: say ur fine with whatever set he wants
[24/10/2017 02:35:24] Joey: He might want Eliot. Which is good because Eliot would target him
[24/10/2017 02:38:57] dru: its good for your sake too
[24/10/2017 02:39:03] dru: but I think today eliots a vital vote to get
[24/10/2017 02:40:19] dru: just cuz hes targeted with you

I got the noms I wanted, protected both allies and I didn't even have to push for them myself! ????

DAY 7: Obstreperous vs Bluejay7622 (x)

Originally the targets were Cyrus and Bluejay7622, they were people who were after our core 5 before and we could convince other people it was an easy set for today before pushing for bigger names tomorrow.

Meanwhile, people were losing trust in Garret and he was gunning for me and Sue. Ten minutes before DC, when we saw Garret stayed, We joked about putting him up again with Bluejay. Renomming at this point of the game wasn't a good idea, but out of sheer banter and entertainment we pushed for it anyway and got pretty much the entire house to do it within 5 minutes LMFAO.

[10/24/17, 4:52:03 PM] Eliotwhi: shall we do it
[10/24/17, 4:52:06 PM] Eliotwhi: it will be so funny
[10/24/17, 4:52:10 PM] Eliotwhi: garret will cry
[10/24/17, 4:54:09 PM] dru: LOL its happening
[10/24/17, 4:54:18 PM] Eliotwhi: yes lock it in
[10/24/17, 4:54:39 PM] josh kool: i locked it in
[10/24/17, 4:54:40 PM] josh kool: gl
[10/24/17, 4:54:41 PM] Eliotwhi: same
[10/24/17, 4:54:46 PM] Eliotwhi: if it goes through ill die
[10/24/17, 4:58:38 PM] SUE: Voli switched
[10/24/17, 4:58:41 PM] SUE: Rofl
[10/24/17, 4:58:41 PM] dru: LMFAO
[10/24/17, 5:01:08 PM] Eliotwhi: LMFAOOOOO
[10/24/17, 5:01:47 PM] Eliotwhi: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
[10/24/17, 5:01:49 PM] Eliotwhi: IM FUCKING DEAD
[10/24/17, 5:02:04 PM] SUE: LMAO
[10/24/17, 5:02:16 PM] josh kool: SNATCHED
[10/24/17, 5:02:18 PM] josh kool: BALD
[10/24/17, 5:02:20 PM] Mike - tpi: LMAOO
[10/24/17, 5:02:22 PM] Mike - tpi: WE DID THAT
[10/24/17, 5:02:53 PM] Eliotwhi: Typhlosion37Me @ this cast being desperate and renomming again
[10/24/17, 5:02:56 PM] Eliotwhi: i love playing messy

DAY 8: Cyrus (x) vs Volibear

The only other people outside the Vets I wanted to protect were Joey and Pack- they were loyal, helpful and working closely with me and Sue. Cyrus and Volibear was an easy set to make while we told people bigger names would go up soon.

DAY 9: Volibear (x) vs Obstreperous

Once again, I wanted to protect Joey and Packers and wouldn't agree to nomsets with them included. The Vets chat suggested Volibear vs Garret, although it was a renom, we figured Volibear would go. At this point, I was planning to eventually get Mike and Josh up before pitting the survivor against the flavour- since I knew they'd probably try to do it to me later down the line. Joey and Packers were down and we could've potentially had votes but we held it off for a day.

DAY 10: joey96 (x) vs packersfan12

This was a pretty crucial day in the game- Joey and Pack really wanted to get Josh/Mike up and I agreed. The vets wanted Joey against Packers.

I tried to convince Sue Josh/Mike was our best move since even though the core 5 had stayed loyal till now, they'd flip on me and her first. She was unsure about it and wanted to stick with the Vets, trying to convince me Josh was loyal and wouldn't want us up. I came on in the morning planning to procure the votes but Sue was away and Eliot had already locked in. The two went up and I lost one of my best allies. Sorry Joey :(

DAY 11: BengalBoy vs Obstreperous (x)

I wanted to go unnominated as far as possible but since we stuck with the Vets, I had lost a good ally and convinced Sue I was going to be up. Josh claimed he wanted to do Garret/survivor and Sue warned him repeatedly if she saw me up he wouldn't be able to recover in the game. It was pretty certain what was happening here and I wish I had reached out to a few more people and got someone else up in the split at least.

[00:17:14 | Edited 00:17:18] #Garret: I didn't even lock in the DC I went up
[00:17:16] #Garret: with dru
[00:17:25] dru: I shouldve talked to you LOL
[00:17:26] dru: fuck
[00:17:28] #Garret: because I thought no matter what I was going up against packers
[00:17:34] #Garret: and I was shook to see me up against dru...
[00:17:49] #Garret: i probs should've locked in packers then huh
[00:18:14] dru: i was gonna go to you last min and say lock in packers/josh or something
[00:18:17] dru: but i guess i flunked it

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who saved me- my game could've ended here but now the flavour was out and we had a plan to regain control and make it all the way to the end.

DAY 12: koolness234 (x) vs tpidude73

After making their BIG MOVE and fucking the Vets, me and Sue had Eliot on our side 100%. Sue had also somehow managed to regain trust with Packers, even though she just STABBED HIM RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS! We made it 100% clear the 3 of us would nom Josh and Mike, I let Garret know if he did it he'd be in a great position for the rest of the game (he still nommed me/Sue). Wes was flip flopping between me and Sue and Mike and Josh, and before DC he was ignoring us and it looked like he had chosen them.

Right before DC, I made sure I was the last person to talk to him and use a lil #drusmist to ensure our noms went through.

[27/10/2017 11:02:47] Wes aka packersfan12: Hey man I did what was best for me
[27/10/2017 11:03:55] dru: alright
[27/10/2017 11:03:56] dru: which was
[27/10/2017 11:04:34] Wes aka packersfan12: You'll see
[27/10/2017 11:05:24] dru: is it me/sue?
[27/10/2017 11:05:50] dru: I think if we don't stick with what we originally said itll be a hard time getting votes for the rest of the game
[27/10/2017 11:05:58] dru: mike and josh will protect each other at any cost lol
[27/10/2017 11:06:20] dru: and i'll happily nom sue, she knows she simply can not avoid 5th
[27/10/2017 11:06:27] dru: and they will still want me/sue the next round
[27/10/2017 11:06:46] dru: youre not a target at all right now so even if you throw your vote, thanks
[27/10/2017 11:51:49] dru: thanks man :D
[27/10/2017 11:54:19] Wes aka packersfan12: You're welcome

We got Josh/Mike up and had the rest of the game under control.

DAY 13: tpidude73 vs packersfan12 (x)

Me, Sue and Eliot came up with a foolproof plan to push through to final day. Us three would nom Packers vs survivor, while we'd convince Packers we were doing Sue vs survivor.

Eliot offered a fake f2 to Packers to make sure he'd stick with us, meanwhile me and Sue convinced him all day he had to stay with the plan and couldn't listen to Josh. Josh tried everything he could to turn it around but we kept Packers loyal and Wes was NOT happy!

FINAL NOMS: JustMe vs tpidude73

I pretty much had control over the noms here- no one pushed for me and the only person who might have locked me in is packers.

Me and Sue didn't really want to nom Eliot since he stayed loyal to us and Sue realised it might have to be her against survivor- but was understanding about it.

Mike wanted to do the two unnominated which was smart and we could've flipped, but personally I wanted to try and bring the three most deserving to the finals and I felt like this was the best way to do it. Mike ended up staying which was always a possibility - I thought Sue had it but regardless Mike is a good lad.

We were all fully aware that this could increase Eliot's odds of winning and if Sue stayed me and her would split votes, but it was a fun game between friends and I wasn't about to try and fk over a good mate who stayed loyal and didn't try to go for me/Sue just to impress some people in the pollbox. I'm happy the three of us got so far together and win or lose, it makes for an interesting finals.

Also I owed him one for the time I backstabbed him in a Skype game ;p


WHEW! Well that pretty much sums it up! Even though there were a couple things that could've gone differently, this was a gr8 game. People went for me/Sue everyday then panicked and scrambled when it didn't happen- meanwhile we stayed calm, cool, collected and took control.

I'm proud of this #stars and I'm proud of making it so far with Sue and Eliot- no one even figured that Eliot and I were close and EVERYONE knew me and Sue were close, tried to get us up together non-stop and we finessed our way out of it.

A win would be the cherry on top but like I said, I'm happy with being here and the fun game we played. Top respect and good luck.


deja vu
Sent by xShift,Oct 28, 2017
Good luck dru thanks for a great game! ❤️❤️❤️
Sent by JustMe,Oct 28, 2017
Didn't read the whole thing but sounded like you had a fun week! Good luck. 😁
Sent by Yoshitomi,Oct 28, 2017
yoshitomi heh- yeah i did! (highfive)
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good luck
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I actually read it all. Oh my god too much drama, I even lost my tea.
Sent by Chemicalali,Oct 28, 2017
I thought this was a copy paste of another persons stats blog but you actually wrote a serious tengaged blog I’m a bit shook
Sent by GiGi10,Oct 28, 2017
init matt it's a gigi10 style blog 👌 i had to nerd out for this game
Sent by BengalBoy,Oct 28, 2017
I actually read it all. Oh my god too much drama, I even lost my tea.
Sent by Chemicalali,Oct 28, 2017

You have no idea this is just an overview
Sent by JustMe,Oct 28, 2017
If I didn’t know the user I would’ve guessed I wrote it! Proud you are integrating my style bengalboy
Sent by GiGi10,Oct 28, 2017
too long to read i dont care
Sent by semajdude,Oct 28, 2017
First blog was longer glad I caught that ;)
GL u better win 💜
Sent by marrrss,Oct 29, 2017
Interesting eliotwhi
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Congrats Big Dru. You got my vote bro.
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You got my vote boo 😙
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lol fkon nerd nice diary tl;dr
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jamesm LMFAO init
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Good luck in Stars BengalBoy!
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top respect
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