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  1. Clutch mr Steve pierce damn
  2. Is
  3. So ready for the Yankees to win today!
  4. Me gusta Laura21
  5. Tengaged fantasy football league anyone??
  6. I'm dedicating my stars game towards queen
  7. Do any of my friends want a gift
  8. If I did a 100charity would anyone join
  9. Any survivor or bb group games casting rn?
  10. whew
  11. Thank you everyone for the saves I appreciate..
  12. Who’s joining stars today??
  13. Wait is final reckoning the last challenge season?
  14. Is there a bb live episode link I can watch
  15. Stars support
  16. Hey
  17. Stars support
  18. Rip Argentina
  19. So there’s no returnees?
  20. Any good group games casting?
  21. Stars support <3
  22. Hey friends
  23. Any frats want me
  24. Does anyone wanna add for add
  25. Who’s joining stars with me
  26. Anyone need a hunger sponsor? Feeling generous
  27. Anyone wanna be friends
  28. Wtf? I was in oattys stars how long do I have to..
  29. I have the stars seat power.
  30. Anyone wanna carry me on a survivor tribe
  31. Ap calc test just kicked my ass
  32. Any else taking the ap calc exam tomorrow
  33. My teachers never taught me that
  34. Who’s joining hunger with me
  35. Where can I watch the challenge seasons
  36. Anyone wanna add for add
  37. Should I join hunger 73929191?
  38. Hey
  39. Anyone wanna add for add? :)
  40. Anyone wanna be friends

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