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  1. Anyone need a hunger sponsor? Feeling generous
  2. Anyone wanna be friends
  3. Wtf? I was in oattys stars how long do I have to..
  4. I have the stars seat power.
  5. Anyone wanna carry me on a survivor tribe
  6. Ap calc test just kicked my ass
  7. Any else taking the ap calc exam tomorrow
  8. My teachers never taught me that
  9. Who’s joining hunger with me
  10. Where can I watch the challenge seasons
  11. Anyone wanna add for add
  12. Should I join hunger 73929191?
  13. Hey
  14. Anyone wanna add for add? :)
  15. Anyone wanna be friends
  16. Who wants to be friends
  17. Who is joining hg 3829291 with me
  18. Anyone live In Indianapolis
  19. Wow if I beat oatty I would’ve won.
  20. Who owns the “kit” multis
  21. Predict my stars percentage for a gift!!!
  22. Hey loves
  23. Hey kings
  24. Hey if anyone wants to save me in stars
  25. Nominated for 8th!
  26. Nominated for 12th
  27. Don’t let amnesia spam me out!!!!
  28. Who does tengaged want on the block in stars
  29. Wow queens thank you for the save! I will not let..
  30. Yasssssse I love ikea
  31. Last chance to save me in stars 893
  32. Who has saved me in stars?????
  33. This stars cast better be ready for some fucking..
  34. Rozlyn will be up for 15th get ready!!!!!!
  35. If you hate brxan, and rozlyns crew
  36. Who is ready to see me up in stars in the morning
  37. Support me losers
  38. Hey
  39. Can I get some comments
  40. Any girls want my snap

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