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  1. yachj
  2. 1984 Preseason Favorites
  3. Many of people
  4. -1984 EDITS ERA-
  5. Any tea on cbb?
  6. Is it me or
  7. 1 person
  8. What time is Stars Enrollment EST?
  9. tag a skinnty tengager
  10. Wait Hold Up Now
  11. Let's join survivor
  12. How many of you follow me on Instagram?
  13. How much do shops cost now?
  14. Is the AskMe section dead?
  15. Tag Tengaged Girls
  16. Let's join a fasting
  17. 5 more for bamold's charity hg
  18. What the actual fuck?
  19. Anything fun left on here?
  20. Join Frookies
  21. Some Moderation is back on Tengaged?
  22. I got hacked last night
  23. When is Stars Enrollment now?
  24. Is She Going to Jump From There?
  25. Miss Vanjie
  26. Where can I watch Survivor
  27. join hunger with me
  28. Real Talk
  29. Do Ppl Still Blog About Sp*m
  30. Who wants to frooks
  31. What happened with
  32. Please say a prayer for him :(
  33. Bad Week
  34. PYN if you think I hate you
  35. I Doubled All Your Bets
  37. Anybody Frooks?
  38. It's Amazing How
  39. T-Big Brother Comment
  40. Post Your Opinion


Oct 10, 2019 by BbDamian
You had ONE job.. and that was TO DOUBLE MY MOTHER FUCKING TS

Sent by LovelyKiss,Oct 10, 2019
are u gonna beat him up for not having ur money
Sent by BengalBoy,Oct 10, 2019
Blame BrittanyNicole for winning
Sent by Codyy,Oct 10, 2019
No blame yachj for not participating in comments and doing poorly on games. TARA HAD TO TELL HIM TO COMMENT SO MANY TIMES AND HE BARELY DID!!!! Blame brittany for playing a game. Sorry your T didnt double. I'll hold a charity for you ;)
Sent by BrittanyNicole,Oct 10, 2019

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