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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Can I make a few blogs

2ndSep 18, 2023 by BbDamian
Discussing Stars? Not like a “how to” guide but more of a like “maybe think about this” think piece? Example is I want to discuss my observations on how *some* people play Stars with non US/UK players because I think it is straight up disrespectful lol

Like are y’all going to read or nah?


ill read it lowkey
Sent by BigBrotherSuperToMe,Sep 18, 2023
I think typhlosion or some other stars kingums did a series like this and it was popular im sure people would read !!
Sent by peace123,Sep 18, 2023
idk if you need multiple top blogs, put it all in one blog!

Also, I love meeting new people in stars from all over <3
Sent by Jogon,Sep 18, 2023
Def do it. Tengaged needs more meta content
Sent by survivorfan12,Sep 18, 2023
I need tips
Sent by biminibonboulash,Sep 18, 2023
I'll skim then leave a sassy comment
Sent by Tryphena,Sep 18, 2023
i'll read whatever u put out but specially this
Sent by Hunty,Sep 18, 2023
Do it
Sent by David2560,Sep 18, 2023
I mean I didn't feel abused in the game but tell my pls how I was, could be an interesting read
Sent by Lacszlo,Sep 18, 2023
we will read
Sent by Hidden,Sep 18, 2023
spill it
Sent by Jujubee,Sep 18, 2023
You know I love a good stars theory piece. temponeptune typhlosion37 and I have always planned to throw together a series for this sort of thing.
Sent by KrisStory,Sep 18, 2023
do ittt
Sent by TheDeceiver,Sep 18, 2023

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