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  1. imagine being restructured from the dead
  2. Michele makes f3 with Rob and Amber
  3. where should i hide the body
  4. Anyone else really depressed and kinda suicidal
  5. got the coffee shits :(
  6. Can anyone
  7. I am happy Joe
  8. Brooke vs Yvie for the Crown!
  9. Silky vs Brooke is first to lipsync
  10. instead about worrying about a 20 merge streak
  11. The only time I wanna see GOT
  12. Dear Connor
  13. someone sit on my face
  14. Hate all you want but
  15. Nobody used multis
  16. Thank You!
  17. am i winning stars?
  18. Can’t wait to nom Pinkie
  19. Haha :p
  20. Gypsy Rose is innocent!
  21. only dropping 400 for a design
  22. cant decide
  23. Top Respect
  24. Reach for the stars you will never be one
  25. happy easter
  26. Hurts 2B Human
  27. Proud to be a Bebe Rexhar!
  28. how long does unprescribed
  29. anyone wanna join the widows?
  30. I miss seeing
  31. Tengaged when they find out
  32. Alright kids knock it out!
  33. Someone link me
  34. any ideas
  35. i'm high
  36. Fun stars
  37. If someone can give me the tea
  38. Cersei wins the Iron Throne
  39. If someone loyal knows a way
  40. Not suprised

Why support people

Nov 4, 2018 by Batya
as a gay man that would kill you if they knew you were gay


some people lack critical thinking skills
Sent by Galaxies,Nov 4, 2018
This is clearly directed towards me.
Palestinians don’t kill gay people. Just admit you think middle easterners are all crazy and move on sis.... because that’s basically what you said
Sent by Danger,Nov 4, 2018
Not surprised another fat inferior white person would say this though lmfao.
Genetically and socially inferior, wow.
Sent by Danger,Nov 4, 2018

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