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  1. Send me nudes
  2. i miss you....
  3. This hair makes you
  4. Soul surfer hair tease
  5. Why spend a bunch of money on a wall
  6. Failed My semester
  7. should i perm ban
  8. Fuck u
  9. Gave Monatana a pat on the head
  10. should i spend my christmas bonus
  11. M dinner tonight is so good
  12. -holds onto purse-
  13. Hey you fat
  14. High
  15. $3.14 dollars richer
  16. Do you want a gift?
  17. Someone needs
  18. Marwan will talk the most shit
  19. Best feeling
  20. any friends want the bg
  21. i wish someone i liked wanted a design
  22. Vote
  23. Will gift whoever
  24. Ready for Allstars Stars
  25. Taylor Swift has 0 nominees at this Grammys
  26. the truth.....
  27. I have to join stars if Rozlyn is playing
  28. Do you ever
  29. Being straight on this website
  30. Got dumped
  31. need a new #1 friend
  32. why is everyone sticking their big noses
  33. depressed
  34. anyone wanna date?
  35. Has anyone taken college italin
  36. Congrats on being most ignored blogs 2018
  37. Apparently I had salmonella
  38. where da jewish designs
  39. Wario is a villain we like to hate on
  40. just threw up <3

Top Respect

Nov 3, 2018 by Batya
To DLK and Dusty as in my short time in the Stars house I was trying to make them a set but the "minority" allience was to oblivious to it

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