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  1. anyone wanna call
  2. haha your name is James
  3. -kisses your neck-
  4. any tips
  5. anyone i like want the 150 design
  6. did he die?
  7. Ugh
  8. Guess what tger ass i saw
  9. Imagine being known
  10. I am in a what would you do situation
  11. Ideal boyfriend
  12. walks into shops with my ts
  13. pyn for what hungry hippo you are!
  14. My air pods connect to my dads phone
  15. What should my next tattoo be
  16. Got a warrent for my arrest :/
  17. 13 days in 2019
  18. 5”1 black hair scaly skin
  19. I’m Bulgarian btw
  20. New York was at a club
  21. Do you want some syrup and butter
  22. always the bridesmaid
  23. Super depressed
  24. depressed
  25. why host a charity
  26. y'all should fight it out
  27. Cousins by Blood Lovers by Choice
  28. where my girls at
  29. My first kiss was with my brother
  30. Cupcakke attepmted 2 days ago
  31. got to go
  32. Ctfu
  33. happy to announce
  34. I feel like pure shit Eurecka
  35. Love this song
  36. imagine hosting a charity
  37. anyone else depressed :(
  38. Idah be on vacation living her best life
  39. A new queen
  40. Idk how anyone can still be friends

we stan Bi in this house

May 14, 2018 by Batya


I feel like she's gonna be an early out or a sheep or somebody like Chelsea whos completely irrelevant and theres no inbetween
Sent by Jinxh,May 14, 2018
oh tea the blondes look to boring to stan Jinxh
Sent by Batya,May 14, 2018
Sent by temponeptune,May 14, 2018

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