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  1. Can't wait to go to Yale
  2. After 3 days of not eating
  3. I remember way back in 2013
  5. Robin Phoebe Dinah
  6. Serious Question
  7. I am Ashley Kelsey
  8. should I pull an Ity
  9. Me and my boyfriend are 17 years apart
  10. I thought you were joking but thanks
  11. Do you hear Yanny or Laurel
  12. quick
  13. if i color code my
  14. Bottoms hear Yanny
  15. Everyone wish
  16. the only reason
  17. I put 5 dollars
  18. we stan Bi in this house
  19. Best part of your Mother not loving you
  20. I will miss you
  21. Your parents will truly never love you
  22. Late for work ;)
  23. handjobs are stupid
  24. Kinda
  25. Team L
  26. I wish someone I liked wanted the dress
  27. Rose pretended to be suicidal and trans
  28. Just becasue I did gay porn
  30. Where should I backpack through
  31. i just gifted someone
  32. I lost my virginity to this song
  33. How much would u pay for a used car
  34. My dad sent me a text like this
  35. Yes or no
  36. Why would anyone
  37. My cousin
  38. I told the Stars cast
  39. It's official
  40. Go back to the mental hospital


Apr 22, 2018 by Batya
Two users Feb 15, 2017 by Danger Back on my skype game & TBC ban list. itsalexia levonini Saying racial slurs DIRECTLY AFTER a speech about how that offends multiple people in the room only shows how insensitive, childish, ignorant, and poorly raised you both are. It's 2017 and there's still white people questioning black people on why the N word is offensive and then saying it?? That is truly fucking sad. You're both done

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