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  1. get ready to save me for 10th!
  2. Today I'm Ashley Kelesy
  3. I'm Ashley Kelesy
  4. Am i being nommed for 12th?
  5. Get ready to save me for 13th!
  6. Nick ate Tony's ass in a parking lot
  7. If I joined a premade
  8. Dober Vachan
  9. Love that
  10. Anyone wanna sit on my face
  11. Anyone else super depressed
  12. I wish a certain
  13. What if your nut was white
  14. Question
  15. what horror movie should i watch
  16. anyone wanna sit on my face?
  17. Jasmine Masters 10th
  18. eating choclate
  19. Have you checked the children?
  20. Send me nudes
  21. i miss you....
  22. This hair makes you
  23. Soul surfer hair tease
  24. Why spend a bunch of money on a wall
  25. Failed My semester
  26. should i perm ban
  27. Fuck u
  28. Gave Monatana a pat on the head
  29. should i spend my christmas bonus
  30. M dinner tonight is so good
  31. -holds onto purse-
  32. Hey you fat
  33. High
  34. $3.14 dollars richer
  35. Do you want a gift?
  36. Someone needs
  37. Marwan will talk the most shit
  38. Best feeling
  39. any friends want the bg
  40. i wish someone i liked wanted a design

date me?

Mar 10, 2018 by Batya

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