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  1. Someone
  2. Anyone else super depressed
  3. just had a nice glass of hot coco
  4. Perm ban me please
  5. Worst stars player
  6. I don't know about you
  8. Made a cake
  9. there is guys
  10. Final 2 in Stars
  11. Why do people still post
  12. Take a design from Stardoll
  13. Brazilians are so stupid
  14. I feel like pure shit
  15. real girl widows
  16. My new batch of Mac and cheese
  17. Forgot Water in my Mac and Cheese
  18. bought a new laptop
  19. I have a mango juul pod
  20. Supper tribe alert
  21. my favorite thing
  22. Get you someone who can cook
  23. I lot my virginity
  24. The reason I am homophobic
  25. Anyone else super depressed
  26. Why would I stan Lee?
  27. thank you for letting me show off my religion
  29. do any of my FRIENDS want the hijab?
  30. Remember when Rando
  31. Wow got a raise
  32. Grats
  33. Kara about to win
  34. time for some changes
  35. Ban
  36. Will PayPal someone
  37. Mihigan legalized Weed
  38. People on Obama Care/Food Stamps
  39. pokemon go
  40. Is Dubai in UAE?

biggest dick award goes to my brother

Feb 7, 2018 by Batya

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