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  1. Wendy Williams???
  2. It's been a while..
  3. G'day m8'ssss
  4. If Alan doesn't win stars then it's rigged.
  5. hi
  6. If you could date any male tennis player..
  8. Wozniaki deserves to win this years AusOpen.
  9. In Highschool which group were you in?
  10. Why is Maybelline so ugly?
  11. When you see someone on a full train..
  12. Tag 2 people who should just date already.
  13. Does anyone here douche?
  14. ICON
  15. Oprah?? America get yo shit together. FFS.
  16. During my time home in Tas this holiday..
  17. Tag 2 people: one ugly and one cute.
  18. Is it ok to fart when being eaten out?
  19. Why did ya block me
  20. Tag someone with a thiccc a$$
  21. Chrissy was robbed :/
  22. What's your fave Xmas movie?
  23. tbqh
  24. I LOVE
  25. I'm horny. Dom top 4 pass bottom pls.
  26. I went on a date today, and the guy was UGLY.
  27. SO..
  28. All you homos can come marry down under now!
  29. Did anyone meet their BF from Grindr??
  30. Who's top dog on here?
  31. Good morning ho's <3
  32. TAG someone b a s i c
  33. I missed you

When you see someone on a full train..

Jan 17, 2018 by Banjoooo
.. that needs a seat (elderly, pregnant, or has a disability) GIVE THEM YOUR F*CKING SEAT!
Happened again for the 4th time this week. Don't be a cunt and just sit there ignoring them. Literally fed up with assholes. Die :)


I gave a blind guy my seat and in return he let me pet his seeing eye dog

i think it was a good deal
Sent by maturo,Jan 17, 2018
why should I give MY seat up? like I didn't make them disabled hun, jesus should do smthin about it
Sent by Maybelline,Jan 17, 2018
Good on ya Maturo, yeah you did well m8.
Sent by Banjoooo,Jan 17, 2018
*pushes Maybelline on tracks*
Sent by Banjoooo,Jan 17, 2018

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