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BB24 Predictions (Guess how many correct)

Jul 27, 2022 by BURBERRY
Will come back for reference end of season to see how I did.

16th - Paloma (Already Happened)
15th - Pooch (Already Happened)
14th - Ameerah
13th - Indy
12th - Taylor
11th - Turner (Kyle)
10th - Daniel (Kyle)
9th - Jasmine (Michael)
8th - Nicole (Kyle)
7th - Terrence (Michael)
6th - Brittney (Michael)
5th - Joseph (Kyle)
4th - Alyssa (Kyle)
3rd - Monte (Kyle)
2nd - Michael
1st - Kyle


I’d love to see Kyle win… but idk if he’d win sitting next to Michael in the final 2
Sent by NanoNerd,Jul 27, 2022
No way Indy or Taylor go home before jury
Sent by BB5lover,Jul 27, 2022

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