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our *random* group of my first game Feb 18, 2010
MORKMINDY - lol u were the creator of all the *table dancing* lol hope u make more people laugh like u made me :)
Nikkayy- me and u teamed up  on some occasions in our random fighht with mat and becky ol it was fun :)
xbeckywxx- u were the *hugger* of the group lol thanks for being so nice :)
matthewthegenuis- lol congrats on winning and thanks for all the *laptop hitting and cliff pushing* hope u do well later :)BigBrotherFanGirl09- u would also pop in and out of r laughs thanks for being so kind as well :)
BtchGurl and mikedistanz - u guys may not have known but u were also involved in our *random* stuff lol
thanks all u guys hope we all cross paths on another game soon lol :) cya all and good luck
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