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Survivor: Tonga - Final Tribal Council Dec 18, 2015
Due to groups still being down, I have opted to host the final tribal council here. We'll now bring in our members of the jury... Chandler, Henry, Darius, RyJam, Acosta and Gregory, voted out at the last tribal council. Cory, Jett and Daniel are the final three, and tonight will be up for any questions or statements the jury may have.

In advance, I asked the final three to send in their opening speeches so that the jury may find them easily... they are as follows

• Cory: "Hey everyone! I'm sorry to have voted you out Greg, it was a game move, I really did want to bring you to final 3, but you were obviously the one to win. I deserve to win, because I've played a smart game. I laid low at first, but then started making decisions and big moves as it went on. People may not think I had much to do with a lot of what went on, but I was the one that made our main alliance, which was Greg, Jett, Trae, and I. Jett mainly did what I asked of him, and Daniel wasn't active for several challenges. I was here the most, and while I didn't win the most immunity's I did have a major role in who was going. Me and Jett wanted Trae out since final 8, but I thought that was a bad ideas, because then we might not have the numbers, and then during final 7 he was the target, but I noticed a lot of the things he said during the tribal questioning and figured he'd use an idol and changed the vote to RyJaml. The same thing happened again with the next Tribal, and I had the vote changed last minute to Daniel, with hope that Acosta would go. I'm the only remaining member of Tasman, which at merge it seemed like none of us would make it. I made a few big moves, such as voting out Henry, planning to go for Trae, even though he got himself out, and finally taking out Greg. I love you all and vote for who you think played the best game"

• Daniel: "So this is my first 'proper' try at a survivor 'group game'. Coming into this I pretty much immediatley formed an alliance with 2 others on the Le Maire tribe. We did pretty well until the merge, it definitely got me through the pre-merge stage, it definitely one of my best long-term decisions in the game.
I think I deserve to win because throughout the whole game I've been somewhat on the bottom, however I've managed to get through. I've one two immunity challenges, the most important ones (to my game atleast) meaning I could finally break up the lethal Tasman tribe. I'm very happy with how my game has gone as I played subtly but still made strong & strategic game moves. I also think I played the game very respectfully to myself and others. Good luck Cory & Jett. Short & Sweet, Q's."

• Jett: "I played this game in two different ways, and they both combined to make, Jett. I was the underdog, and I honestly thought I was going home first, but then, I got down to the nitty gritty and did what was best for MY game to survive. I was working behind the scenes, causing MANY blindsides without any suspision of me being behind it. I played a strategic game with a very well put mind, and I got to final tribal without arousing any suspision I was this true games mastermind. I think that is what the sole survivor does, does the best risk, and gets the biggest reward. I allign with as many people as possible, because, you have to seize every moment in this game. And to say i was just the 'willing to do whatever guy' is completely false. I analyzed the game, so set up the best way for me to win. Using advanced social skills I was able to make moves that benefited me. I was acting like the pawn, but in all actuality, I was the king. I used my personality, and strategic gameplay, to get people to trust me, then, cut them loose at the right time, cause I got rid of MY personal threats, and now, im sitting here."

The jury may now ask any questions or make any statements they may have, and should use these to help determine which of three they want to vote to WIN the game. Good luck to you all.
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Survivor: Tonga - Apps Open Nov 24, 2015
Looking for sixteen brand new players, all are welcome!

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Survuvor: Vietnam - Apps Open Oct 29, 2015
Looking for sixteen brand new players, all are welcome!

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Survivor: Arabia - Apps Open Sep 11, 2015
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Survivor: Trinidad - Apps Open Aug 22, 2015
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Survivor: The Gambia - Apps Open Jul 26, 2015
Looking for sixteen new players, all are welcome!

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