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Question about nominations (Spoilers)

Jun 22, 2014 by BENLINUS
Ok... Just a question because #BBUK is confusing the shit out of me...

What are the rules with nominations? It's normally the two with the most are up... Last year it was three with the most... Then changed and got confusing at the end

This year I thought It was three with the most + Jale?

Why the hell is Winston up with 1-2 nominations this week? When week 1 those that got 2 Noms (Kimberly) weren't put up?

Are they seriously just changing the rules to suit them? Does anyone know what the actual rule is now?


There's like 8 people up this week lol
Sent by Lynette,Jun 22, 2014
Pretty sure it's two with most plus Jale.
Sent by Loopulle,Jun 22, 2014
It's really, really pissing me off how inconsistent and dodgy Channel 5 are with this rule. I'm pretty sure it's now the three or more housemates with the most nominations, which I hate. Two or more + Jale is already more than enough, so I have no idea why they feel the need to put more people up. Isn't it more difficult for them to have more nominees because they have to account for more possible scenarios, eg. making more bets bits. I guess it does give them more money, though, which is all Channel 5 really cares about.

I miss 1v1 evictions :( They were so much more tense and compelling to watch.
Sent by flamingjoe,Jun 22, 2014
I just checked this week's nomination results. As much as it annoys me how suspicious this all is, Danielle + Chris being up with Christopher + Jale would have been really, really shit.
Sent by flamingjoe,Jun 22, 2014
I know Flamingjoe :( sucks so much! Like they have the ability to make BB so much better but they're being so dodgy with twists and rules etc ... Maybe they want to get themselves in the shit idk -_- but not knowing how things work are just putting me off watching the show
Sent by BENLINUS,Jun 22, 2014
BENLINUS it's not always the 2 w/ the most, sometimes there's ties and EVERYONE that ties with the most/second most goes up (last week causing 3 people to get nommed)

this series they'll change some shit up because it's power trip and they need people to control the game somehow, so there will be a few extra people up to switch up the game
Sent by snowflake3,Jun 22, 2014
BENLINUS as well as all that, either Matthew or Toya are supposed to be nominated due to a twist in the power nominations thing.
Sent by 77sparks77,Jun 22, 2014
It's BBUK, they do whatever the fuck they want.
Sent by Rain2222,Jun 23, 2014

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