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BENLINUS' Big Brother: Eviction #1

Jul 23, 2013 by BENLINUS
Tomorrow either Adam or Rich will be evicted.

Feel Free to cast a vote for who you want to EVICT


I was robbed of this so called "Benertainment award"
Sent by Timster,Jul 23, 2013
awe :) he's promoting his group game through a blog! how cute!
Sent by McBenjamin,Jul 23, 2013
Were you not Bentertaining? Timster

I don't give the award out anymore sadly... I only gave it out once... But didn't like it as no one was good enough for it
Sent by BENLINUS,Jul 23, 2013
BENLINUS :O ddnt no dat. O okay thanks. Btw this group seems cool, i've never seen a legit host do a BBUK version. I like how you do the save and replace so challenges can be involved. That seems fun. At the end is it a poll between the final 3 people?
Sent by Timster,Jul 23, 2013
McBenjamin than you for taking the time to post out of your busy schedule! Glad you see it as cute, dinner sometime? Yes? Maybe?
Sent by BENLINUS,Jul 23, 2013
Timster oh right lol. I thought you knew I didnt give it out and was just mad at me anyway :o I think Shawn gives it now, or Janey. The final will be 5 people :), but I'm still trying to work out how that final vote will go, I'm most likely having the one poll for the final 5, and letting them fight it out :) rather then to open a new one for each placing in the final.
Sent by BENLINUS,Jul 23, 2013
He spelled aww as awe..
Sent by janey,Jul 23, 2013
Janey leave him alone! He's trying to make a life for himself ok!? It's not his fault social power in his life is so low that he has to come here to entertain himself so he can act as if he has some sort of "power".
Sent by BENLINUS,Jul 23, 2013
I'm v. Sorry
Sent by janey,Jul 23, 2013
I dont want to hear it! I suggest you mail this Benjaminge and apologise
Sent by BENLINUS,Jul 23, 2013
Sent by VegasBoy94,Dec 12, 2016

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