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Quit trying to talk to me

Feb 5, 2013 by BENLINUS
Go away you are seriously pathetic

Guess_Who / XxHawtxX / the 5 other accounts

Stop making like 8 accounts... Quit stalking me... Quit being such a pathetic human that you have made this site your life and you think your constant lies are believable

If you're going to stalk someone then pick some TV star... Or someone who is big here... Not me... I'm hardly worth stalking on here

You try to insult myself, Janey Millzipede and countless others by saying that we're losers because we take part in an RPG group... Yet you make multi's so you can re-join and play... And end up being banned each time

Clearly you have no idea what is and what isn't believable... So do everyone a favour and leave... Watch the news... Look at life... And understand what the hell goes on... Maybe if you did understand a bit more then you wouldn't think your creepy fantasy stories you post in my group are even possible...

Stop trying to make people feel sorry for you by telling your lies... E.g saying your girlfriend had cancer or that you named your baby after Emmaleigh and now she's sick

And quit trying to act like you matter on here...

1 - Being known on this site isn't something you should be proud of ... It's not like you just won an Oscar so quit making it your life goal... Yes it must be nice to be someone known on here but it's not like that's going on your CV

2 - Stop constantly asking if people know you... The majority of people who know of you are those that say how much of an embarrassment you are.

Tbh I've had it with you... I gave you the benefit of the doubt hundreds of times... Yet you prove your just a seriously sad individual

(and stop trying to claim your a different person each time...

If you

• Have the same original Avi
• Make test blogs to see what'll happen if you neg your multi's blogs
• Take 20 minutes to neg the blog then accidentally admit you got someone of the same level to neg it

Then your basically slapping the fact you're a multi in my face... And if for some crazy reason XxHawtzxX isn't Guess_Who's multi I can at least say you're someone's... As no one gets a blog to -54 after 1 check/neg unless you are a multi)

Clearly me saying to leave me alone in mail doesn't work... So let's hope this does


As he tries to deny the fact he's xxhawt..
Sent by janey,Feb 5, 2013
Sent by 77sparks77,Feb 7, 2013
Sent by janey,Jun 25, 2014

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