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  1. Vanessa needs to get laid
  2. someone good at chemistry help me
  3. first day of classes tomorrow :/
  4. when is the veto ceremony?
  5. overwhelming no!!!!!!!!!
  6. you had better vote no.
  7. could 2 people join rookies please?
  8. really he basically stole my username
  9. plus plus plus
  10. spam me and I neg it
  12. I think the simulator glitched
  13. anyone else get spammed by panda to evict rippy?
  14. happy new Brunswick day
  15. keep negging straights
  16. hey straight guys
  17. neg this if you are straight
  18. please join the rookies
  19. could someone make a frat for me???
  20. someone join fast survival one spot open
  21. bb 16 renom?
  22. zwooper
  23. anyone play dark souls?
  24. BB16 Twist
  25. anyone have
  26. which is better.
  27. which is better.
  28. anyone notice
  29. PYN
  30. I miss neg day
  31. bb canada renom?
  32. lying in ma bed naked
  33. out bid for cheap background
  34. plus this so it beats iscotty's
  35. can it be neg day
  36. keep pinzu until 4th
  37. for every 30 points I will
  38. who are the OC and the PGA
  39. lots of it's to spend
  40. No title

could 2 people join rookies please?

Aug 23, 2014 by BBsuperfan

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