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Thanks 39.6%, I feel the love

3rdSep 7, 2019 by BBlover96

When I first join tengaged in 2010, I first always wanted to play a stars. When I finally did play my first one I realized how difficult it was, and how relationships worked and they affected the game. Since my first stars I joined many others, the only problem was I could never survive polls because of who I was at the time on tengaged. I remember surviving only a handful of them because the games where I did survive polls, was the ones I made finals in and there was only three before this game. So once I went to college and stopped playing as much and got my shit together, tengaged was on the back burner of my life and it was kind of just a fun thing to do every now and then when I was not out getting my life at the clubs or getting my coins at work. So I saw this stars was cheap so I decided fuck it. I saw a lot of people I knew, some well, some not so well and I just tried to be me. I do not take things to serious anymore so I just had a good time with it. I thought I was doing well lol until I finally realized how other people were trying to play so hard and be fake for no reason because it was so apparent what they were going to do. So I did try and fight and shake up the game, even when I was told I will probably go up every time after I beat Jason because they thought I was a threat to win, which I never imagined in a million years. SO I am ready to show these people they were right, I am a threat and winning stars would just be amazing. I never ever thought I would even make a finals again, never thought I would even play again. I thank you tengaged for all of the support and I really hope to be given this achievement.
Vote me:
Sorry bamold1999, I truly am it was just something I thought needed to happen and do not stay mad at me forever :(

aaronstevens4444 so glad we got to rebuild a friendship after all these years and I am sorry we had to go against each other. All the love xx

bibabenja I fucking love you, you are one of my best friends ever and ever and you kept believing in me and never let me quit and always picked me up when I had low confidence in this game just like you do in real life, I adore you and cannot wait to meet and have hot dirtiness

jason_2_12 & 5651Omar You guys are cool too

With all the love in the world, a true icon of tengaged and forever the Queen, Mama J out.


go jay!
Sent by Hash,Sep 7, 2019
mama j
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Sep 7, 2019
You are truly so amazing. I hope you win
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Sep 7, 2019
Win <3
Sent by Miiaa,Sep 7, 2019
Sent by mindreva,Sep 7, 2019
Mama J ftw
Sent by StaceyLynn,Sep 7, 2019
Get your win <3
Sent by BibaBenja,Sep 7, 2019
Gl sis
Sent by Etienne,Sep 7, 2019
also @bibabena is iconic he deserved a f3 spot <3
Sent by FelipeS,Sep 7, 2019
bibabenja *
Sent by FelipeS,Sep 7, 2019
Sent by 5651Omar,Sep 7, 2019
yes icon
Sent by cotbey,Sep 8, 2019
retiring from frooks helps for sure
Sent by Minie,Sep 8, 2019
go for the queen queen j :***
Sent by systrix,Sep 8, 2019
Love you felipes
Sent by BibaBenja,Sep 8, 2019
Goodluck I hope you finally get your win! This blog sounds exactly like me before my Stars win earlier this year I couldn’t survive polls because of who I was back then! I’m so glad you’ve made finals and now I just hope you win <333
Sent by jason_2_12,Sep 8, 2019
im your biggest fan
Sent by obscurity,Sep 8, 2019

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