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Good bye forever

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Thanks 39.6%, I feel the love Sep 7, 2019

When I first join tengaged in 2010, I first always wanted to play a stars. When I finally did play my first one I realized how difficult it was, and how relationships worked and they affected the game. Since my first stars I joined many others, the only problem was I could never survive polls because of who I was at the time on tengaged. I remember surviving only a handful of them because the games where I did survive polls, was the ones I made finals in and there was only three before this game. So once I went to college and stopped playing as much and got my shit together, tengaged was on the back burner of my life and it was kind of just a fun thing to do every now and then when I was not out getting my life at the clubs or getting my coins at work. So I saw this stars was cheap so I decided fuck it. I saw a lot of people I knew, some well, some not so well and I just tried to be me. I do not take things to serious anymore so I just had a good time with it. I thought I was doing well lol until I finally realized how other people were trying to play so hard and be fake for no reason because it was so apparent what they were going to do. So I did try and fight and shake up the game, even when I was told I will probably go up every time after I beat Jason because they thought I was a threat to win, which I never imagined in a million years. SO I am ready to show these people they were right, I am a threat and winning stars would just be amazing. I never ever thought I would even make a finals again, never thought I would even play again. I thank you tengaged for all of the support and I really hope to be given this achievement.
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Sorry bamold1999, I truly am it was just something I thought needed to happen and do not stay mad at me forever :(

aaronstevens4444 so glad we got to rebuild a friendship after all these years and I am sorry we had to go against each other. All the love xx

bibabenja I fucking love you, you are one of my best friends ever and ever and you kept believing in me and never let me quit and always picked me up when I had low confidence in this game just like you do in real life, I adore you and cannot wait to meet and have hot dirtiness

jason_2_12 & 5651Omar You guys are cool too

With all the love in the world, a true icon of tengaged and forever the Queen, Mama J out.
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God is a woman Aug 22, 2019
And her name is Holly
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- Jul 15, 2018
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