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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


5thOct 25, 2019 by BBMeganNicole

Logan Happy Birthday! Even though we only met 11 months ago, I consider you one of my best friends. We talk nearly everyday which is kind of shocking. You are one of the kindest people that I have ever met on here and just in life in general. Through the thick and thin, our ups and downs, we have managed to get through it all. I appreciate the fact that you sit there and listen to me complain about the dumb whores that I unfortunately work with, and sit during my agonizing meetings (ALSO JUST A HEADS UP LOGAN IS A SINGLE GAY PRINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE SO SLIDE INTO THOSE PMS) You only deserve the best Logan so don't settle for anything less than perfect! Again Happy Birthday xoxo Luvs you, BBMeganNicole

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN ❤️I am so happy that you and I became friends recently! You are such a sweetheart. I love chatting with you ❤️ I hope your day is amazing!

Logan, you are so nice! You along with lake hosted me in renegade big brother (with you clearly being better) and ever since then I have gotten to know you so much better! You actually got me to watch the circle, and I think your just a really great person!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!!!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY you deserve everything good on your birthday  I love you so much and so glad that I got the pleasure of meeting you you are so wonderful and very sweet on calls. You are always funny never forget that

Happy birthday Logan! We've been mates for a while now and I always appreciate having you to talk to whenever really!!! I hope your day is amazing and it goes amazing as a great guy like you deserves that ! Cheers for always being a great mate and glad we will continue to be for much much longer !! also hi to Sam x

Logan: even though we don’t talk that much individually, you’re a great person to talk to in our chats on Skype and I’m glad that you’re someone who will listen to anything I say no matter how wrong I might be on survivor. Happy birthday

Dear logan, no matter how many times your large radiation of gay hits this website, I’ll always love you. I’ve met so many great great amazing people this year, and it all starts with you. Sean, Chris, lauren, silver, Tina, latisha, to name a few! When I was added back to that group chat I really didn’t say much then one day I hopped on roblox because everyone was playing a challenge thing and I was excited, I love the challenge, then after that game I joined you on survivor not knowing what would happen that nightyou said “LAKE!!!” And here I am not even knowing your gender or name, your a ball of energy and when you threw me on that call with Lauren and Chris and I stole your survivor win after saying heatherly cameron I had so much fun, you’ve always been there for me, you’ve been there for everyone. You know when the only problem you have is being too nice to people that means your a great person. We all love you logan and even if some people don’t know you, everyone that knows you knows that’s your the unproblematic king. I love you logan so does everyone else, your Lexis favorite gay and my favorite closeted straight. Happy Birthday!

Happy B Day Logan </3. We first met MONTHS ago this year and in this short time you have become one of the closest friends I have on this site. You always are a beacon of happiness for others, and I hope you have an incredible and happy day today, with many many more to come. Never forget the #WitchySisters, you’re a king, a legend, someone who always raises the bar for excellence, so much love to you

Happy birthday Logan mommy ! I love you so much even though we don't talk much. I have so much respect and I always miss playing JRBB with u sista  have a wonderful birthday, have the best day ever x. Wish you only the best!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN! I can't believe we met each other almost a year ago! I remember the fasting like it was yesterday, I went into the game expecting 15th yet I managed to stay and then we started to work together and slayed the bitches 1 by 1, I love you sm and you will be one of my besties for life

LOGAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU HOE ❤️ I CANT BELIEVE YOU’RE 19!!! We’ve become such close friends this year and I’m so happy about that. The fact that a game like BBB started our relationship is hilarious to me. Since then, you’ve been a loyal, nice and WOKE king and I’ve cherished every moment of it. You’re the best person to talk to when I’m feeling down and you are a compassionate person. You are so mature and supportive and you make everyone feel loved. I hope you have an amazing day LOVE YOU

LOGAN IAM ROYALTY, 19, ARKANSAS! I am so proud to wish you the happiest of birthdays today! I’m so happy that I met you barging in to a Roblox game you were playing with Seth and we have been best of friends ever since! Every time we talk you always make me laugh and I love every minute we share together and cherish every moment! You are such a good person and you deserve the best of birthdays today and the best days everyday! I have all the amounts of love in the world for you! Make nasty nineteen you’re bitch! Love you to pieces! Eat cake! ♥️


King of October 25th: Logan
Sent by crimsonteer,Oct 25, 2019
+10 since Kings have the same birthday
Sent by YoundAndReckless,Oct 25, 2019
Im fucking sobbing. Thank you guys so much. I love you all <3 :')
Sent by Haykee,Oct 25, 2019
Happy Birthday 🎂
Sent by CollegeBoy96,Oct 25, 2019
Sent by Latisha0987,Oct 25, 2019
love a king <3
Sent by purplebb4,Oct 25, 2019

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