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I joined this website about 10 years ago

1stDec 4, 2019 by BB5lover
I was a closeted 13 year old boy with almost no real friends in his life and feeling like I was never good enough.

Today, I'm 23, have a beautiful boyfriend that I've been dating for 4 years that I will be moving in with in 1.5 weeks, I'm graduating with my Economics MPhil in one weeks time, and just signed a job offer with an amazing firm.

Life really hasn't been better for me and I'm really proud of who I am today.


good for u bud
Sent by danyyboy67,Dec 4, 2019
I was a closeted 15 year old with no friends now I'm an out 25 year old with 1 friend
Sent by Moonfelar,Dec 4, 2019
Sent by Benley,Dec 4, 2019
ugh lets be bffs moonfelar

but congrats. I'm so glad things are going well for you. You deserve it!
Sent by tast519,Dec 4, 2019
Way to glow up
Sent by ticofernandez,Dec 4, 2019
So proud of you :) keep it up
Sent by ZEEnon,Dec 4, 2019
I'm crying in the club rn slay king! 馃槶
Sent by nateclove,Dec 4, 2019
You鈥檙e gay????
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Dec 4, 2019
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Dec 4, 2019
Oh same
Joined as a 13 year old closet kid and now I鈥檓 almost 23, been with my fianc茅 for 3 years, and have a job as an HR rep
Sent by austino15fffan,Dec 4, 2019
^ get an original life, bblover already invented being a 13 closet case who grows up to become an icon
Sent by Mitchkid64,Dec 4, 2019
We love a progression
Sent by Insanity,Dec 4, 2019
It's always crazy to come back to this remembering when we were in our teens and reflecting on how much better our lives are as adults
Sent by Volibear,Dec 4, 2019
happy for you Jimmy!
Sent by Guigi,Dec 4, 2019
Sent by LEANNA,Dec 4, 2019
KING!!! I鈥檓 soooo happy for you!!! <333
Sent by pinkiepie512,Dec 4, 2019
< 3
Sent by NotNicky333,Dec 4, 2019
Happy for you bro! Still a lot of life to live and its only gonna get better
Sent by astone929,Dec 4, 2019
Congrats (:
Sent by SlutishaOMann,Dec 4, 2019

Sent by etaco75,Dec 5, 2019
hahaha but i love u so much bitch im so happy to know you especially because we both kinda grew up on tengaged and became bad bitches in the real ass world with our ECONOMICS degrees

love how far we've come and how we've stayed just as psycho as the day we made our accounts :)
Sent by etaco75,Dec 5, 2019
WHAT A LEGEND!!! <3333 CONGRATS AND I'M VERY HAPPY FOR YOU.. I wish I have a life like that too :'<
Sent by Yeonjun,Dec 5, 2019
I see darkness in your future
Sent by xXdeath2humanityXx,Dec 5, 2019
Sent by Amnesia_,Dec 5, 2019
Sent by TotsTrashy,Dec 5, 2019
aww this is iconic and great to hear
Sent by ianfitz0012,Dec 5, 2019
king <3
Sent by BigBrotherFan132,Dec 5, 2019
Happy that this site has helped you!

Also, you鈥檙e ranked 69th. Nice lol

And go to hell totstrashy this is beautiful!
Sent by NanoNerd,Dec 5, 2019
So much love for ya 鉂わ笍
Sent by hwest14,Dec 5, 2019
And go to hell totstrashy this is beautiful!
Sent by etaco75,Dec 5, 2019

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