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  2. remember when
  4. is stars tonight going to have a slow enrollment?
  5. Making my stars return
  6. We need to stop the narrative
  7. is it time for my stars cumback
  8. I’m gonna just throw this out there
  9. who's tryna join frooks
  10. has anyone ever seen
  11. are we joining frooks boys?
  12. does anyone wanna start a survivor tribe
  13. Honestly
  14. still so confused
  15. should i join stars tonights?
  16. what the fuck is this stars cast
  17. Join Stars so you can auto lose
  18. Has Tengaged Been Keeping a Close Eye
  19. so Swayleigh is CONFIRMED
  21. Kaycee deserves to lose
  22. anyone wanna play some frooks
  23. im getting lowkey annoyed
  24. lmao
  25. i cant be the only one
  26. if you think someone is xenophobic
  27. do we know who wwemrpeeps new multi is
  28. i seriously cringe
  29. If anyone besides tyler wins BB20
  30. Who wants to play the odds game
  31. no one told me it was a triple eviction
  32. yall really rooting for sam/jc?
  33. i hope bb20
  34. Im so sick of these people
  35. someone talk me out
  36. What A Goddamn MESS
  37. am i the only one
  38. I’m sorry
  39. what did jc do now
  40. im actually having the worst day ever

We don’t deserve Shannon/marissa F2

Feb 7, 2018 by BB5lover


They’re too basic
We need Brandi and omarosa f2
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 7, 2018

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