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  1. Any guys wanna fuck
  3. was the second season
  4. I’m glad jessem joined stars
  5. I graduate in less than 24 hours
  6. whats with white ppl using the N word
  7. i feel terrible for ugly ppl
  8. ok hold on
  9. I want to join one last stars
  10. imagine looking like a toe
  11. Thesis One COMPLETE
  12. today is my last day of undergraduate study
  13. even when im losing
  14. one of my pet peeves
  15. yall are messy motherfuckers
  16. do some ppl
  17. dont we think
  18. quick question (Survivor Maryland Possible..
  19. this picture made me straight.
  20. i joined frooks
  21. was going to join
  22. Should i press ENROLL?
  23. When is stars
  24. did someone say FROOKS?
  25. on some real though
  26. imagine trying to get users
  27. i have 300 t's
  28. What should be the punishment?
  29. join frooks
  30. anyone tryna frooks
  31. imagine being a pedophile
  32. how embarrassing
  33. everyone pray for the columbus blue jackets
  34. is this a fucking joke?
  35. Honestly
  36. i remember going on like
  37. yalls relationship with randomize
  38. jesus christ
  39. JSYK
  40. im glad randomize

We don’t deserve Shannon/marissa F2

Feb 7, 2018 by BB5lover


They’re too basic
We need Brandi and omarosa f2
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 7, 2018

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