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  1. join frooks with me
  2. i dont think randomize fully understands
  3. im just gonna put this out there
  4. If Angela was black
  5. Tonight's episode of BB
  6. Y’all are WILD
  8. I’m done
  9. FROOKS?
  10. I think im FROOKS cursed
  11. For The Record
  12. Final Post On The Topic
  13. Paulie Calafiore
  14. anyone wanna play a frooks
  15. the devil works hard
  16. Back to me blogging about shit
  17. My friendship with wwemrpeeps
  18. im fine guys
  19. peeps does the same thing every time
  20. i really cant believe people defend peeps
  21. who remembers
  22. "I hate negative ppl"
  23. You guys must really be trolling
  24. does it concern anyone else
  25. Is anyone really shocked
  26. anyone tryna frooks
  27. anyone wanna join frooks
  28. i havent played stars in nearly two years
  29. thinking about proposing to my boyfriend soon
  30. whats worse
  31. i swear
  32. Anyone wanna frooks with me
  33. I think Bayleigh is annoying
  34. can we talk about what a fail bb12 was?
  35. bb20 ranks
  36. honestly
  37. bayleigh makes it so hard to defend her
  38. imagine not fully understanding
  39. This season of BB
  40. most of you are pushing 200+ pounds

We don’t deserve Shannon/marissa F2

Feb 7, 2018 by BB5lover


They’re too basic
We need Brandi and omarosa f2
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 7, 2018

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