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  1. what do i want for lunch
  2. wear black for steve
  3. raise your hand
  4. sit-in against gagaluv! pyn to protest!
  5. hi
  6. is the spongebob squarepants movie on netflix
  7. you're the only friend i need
  8. when is move-in day?
  9. in honor of your special day
  10. my drag
  11. im watching the biggest loser
  12. grkjhqeykhk
  14. has anyone found bayleigh's facebook
  15. hey steve420 and another number in there
  16. just a rolling stoner
  17. do you ever get so drunk
  18. who are the rumored returnees
  19. c'mon teletubby!
  20. i'm top chef, you're top ramen
  21. people get so mad
  22. if i could do it all again
  23. will someone explain
  24. general hospital wiki is lit
  25. HELP
  27. i wanna hold you
  28. now everybody like she really is the best
  29. rawr means i love you in dinosaur :3
  30. rawr means i love you in dinosaur :3
  31. where can i watch rpdr8
  32. boys only want love if it's torture
  33. i'm doing lines in the bathtub
  34. i would fight jeff schroeder
  35. i am PISSED
  36. oreo spelled backwards is still oreo
  37. i'm perfect
  38. so who's joining stars today
  39. today
  40. hi


Mar 8, 2018 by AustinRules6969
stephanie and donathan are true icons i hope they both win


dont forget libby and jenna
Sent by TotsTrashy,Mar 8, 2018
totstrashy libby is okay. idk jenna yet tbh
Sent by AustinRules6969,Mar 8, 2018

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