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  1. y'all
  2. who are your top 3 pop girls
  3. doing a study
  4. when you look at someone through rose-colored..
  5. help
  6. why do i not watch more tv???
  7. which show should i watch next?
  8. final office character ranking
  9. i just finished the office
  10. my birthday is in 7 hours and 54 minutes
  11. honestly
  12. tengaged is so scary
  13. i just played toontown for 3 hours
  14. No title
  15. this semester has already been
  16. ope
  17. hi boos
  18. doctor: so why do you want this abortion
  19. in the least surprising sequence of events
  20. who wanna play a castings w me
  21. i say this a lot but
  22. hi
  23. i'm waiting for my spaceship to come back to me
  24. homesick for a place i've never been
  25. just ordered jimmy john's
  26. i have so much reading to do tonight
  27. bet on me!!!
  28. im SHOOK
  29. hi boos
  30. derrick levasuer has a book now
  31. i just finished season 4 of the office
  32. today was SO stressful
  33. good morning
  34. y'all
  35. don't you worry your pretty little mind
  36. you know what song i rly like
  37. do u ever look in the mirror
  38. i'm listening to younger now for the first time
  39. Maybe title
  40. y'all

top 10 pink songs

Jan 3, 2018 by AustinRules6969
off the top of my head. none of this is set in stone

10. So What
9. Fuckin' Perfect
8. Funhouse
7. Just Like A Pill
6. Glitter in the Air
5. True Love
4. Sober
3. Dear Mr. President
2. Who Knew
1. Please Don't Leave Me


Sent by mastropola,Jan 3, 2018
yes sober
Sent by BluJay112,Jan 3, 2018
i cant believe u took time out of your day to think about p!nk
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Jan 3, 2018
yesss i love Dear Mr. President. other really good ballads on that album also are Nobody Knows, I Got Money Now, Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
Sent by Etienne,Jan 3, 2018
jacksonjoseph99 i love acrobats
Sent by AustinRules6969,Jan 3, 2018
literally 'please don't leave me' and 'who knew' are my top 2 favorites from her too
Sent by Akora,Jan 3, 2018

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