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  1. Why am I not banned?
  2. I wouldn't cam with anyone,
  3. Due to this 20 day winter break,
  4. My sister and I are having a debate.
  5. Will Smith is God.
  6. Life is so great right now.
  7. Eating snowcream!
  8. Anywho.
  9. Well.
  10. My oh my.
  11. What kind of make up?
  12. I'm more of a man than you'll ever be.
  13. Nope.
  14. Can I just say.
  15. Cute!
  16. Is it completely loserish,
  17. I feel so cute right now!
  18. Pic of me and my friends.
  19. Well did a collage pic.
  20. I support,
  21. I love shopping!
  22. So,
  23. I miss us.
  24. PYN
  25. Now that I think about it.
  26. I 100% have the flu.
  27. Merry Christmas to everyone I love!
  28. I think I got food poisoning.
  29. Gotta help my sister's boyfriend,
  30. Is it worth it?
  31. When people say,
  32. Man Crush Monday!
  33. List of people I need to see what they look like..
  34. Thanks for checking on me, you jerk.
  35. This ice storm,
  36. Just had a 5 second skype date,
  37. Freaking ice.
  38. Do you think my friend,
  39. I would break up with a guy,
  40. Bubblewrap,

Practice for Numbers?

Dec 5, 2009 by Austin
Now you have 19 seconds to practice?
I haven't checked the others.

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