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Whoever wins HoH goes and gives someone safety, then that person gives another person safety, this continues until there is one person left. That person who is left can choose anyone to go up against in nominations. (When you enter the game you agree to the rules of the game, so if it's you best friend forever, you must still nominate them.) for PoV if one of the nominees get taken down. then the person who is still nominated gets to name the person they wanna be against. This continues the whole game :P

For fast picks, please play POV AFTER you pick a player

The player chosen by HOH has immunity and cannot be nommed.
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Who wo HoH last night? Asking all live feeders :D Aug 2, 2013
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Send me spam. I''m bored Jul 21, 2013
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Now i just need skin to complete my avi Jul 19, 2013
why are they so fucking expensive!
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Lmao at ginemarie breakdowns! Jul 14, 2013
Hes gone and you aint making people like you! Crying because you evicted ellissa :/
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SEND ME SPAM! Jul 12, 2013
I feel like plussing today
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