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take off my clothes Dec 18, 2016
and bless me further
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I'm here Dec 9, 2016
and I'm ready to slay
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honestly Dec 8, 2016
I would suck ethan000's dick

free of charge
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notafraid removed me as a friend Nov 28, 2016
notafraid your true colors have been shown, and they're no part of any rainbow I've ever seen.
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+ this blog Nov 27, 2016
if you think fighterman should post a picture of what he looks like irl

I bet he's cute right??
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boyfriend question Nov 27, 2016
my boyfriend always cums really fast when we're having sex and while I can tell hes apologetic it's been a long time since I've finished and idk how to tell him that he's not properly pleasuring me without hurting his feelings?

what do I do
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