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Top 10 BEST and WORST TV Show Competitors (#1 BEST)

20thDec 30, 2018 by AshlynArehart
imageTime to close this little blog series with someone I have been a fan of for years.

My favorite contestant of 2018 is of course Da'Vonne Rodgers from The Challenge!

Final Placement: 9th out of 16
Predicted Placement: 16th out of 16

Holy shit! Talk about TV gold right here! I have been a fan of hers since BB17 and so I was excited when I found out she was going to be on. While I didn't think her and Jozea were meant to be a rival pair I was still excited nonetheless that she was on the show.

She had a rough beginning. Being sent to redemption by Zach and Amanda surely left a bitter taste in her mouth. However she made it work for her by using the surveillance twist to her advantage when she returned to the game. Get them paranoid and attack from there. Despite all the drama she got involved in, Da'Vonne secure her spot further into the game. Winning redemption challenges and getting in good with some of the higher up vets.

She shocked me the most out of any rookie in that show. It's no secret that she is not the best in physical challenges. It showed in Big Brother. But in the challenges she fought more than what I have ever seen her. She won two eliminations and was able to outbeat some of the vets in their own games. Anyone who doubted her should reconsider that now.

The confessionals that she delivered were the funniest things I have seen all year. I could sit there and listen to her ramble for hours it's that hilarious! Outside of confessionals she provided the drama that was needed for a long time. She wasn't scared of people like Grandpa Shane or Trashley at all. It was nice to see someone else stand up to them that wasn't same old Bananas and Cara Maria. She's a real person and just calls it like she sees it.

Speaking of real...she really is one of the realest people to come into not just MTV, but TV in general. There is the saying being lying and deceitful is the easy path, but she manages to reverse it into being truthful and blunt. It doesn't sometimes with her, but I can't deny the fact that she keeps it 100 with people wherever she is. But I think that's why the Challengers had an issue with her. Because she keeps it honest whenever she agrees or disagrees with something. Not because of the whole "rookie card". That's pretty much debunked as of recent seasons. I just felt they were intimidated because they couldn't control her when they wanted to.

In the end of day, I loved Da'Vonne from the BB days. But Final Reckoning made that love for her blossom more than I could've imagined. She was targeted the whole time and managed to get to the halfway point. She had the veterans shook to their feet with how she was as a person and player. I look forward to seeing what does in seasons to come. So glad Mama Day is here to stay < 3333

Best Moment: "FUCK YOU BITCH"
Worst Moment: Getting caught by Grandpa on not voting Angela and Faith.

Thank you guys for staying tuned for this! < 3



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overrated in my eyes
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YAASSS good week!!!
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