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Top 10 BEST and WORST TV Show Competitors (#1 WORST)

Dec 29, 2018 by AshlynArehart
imageNever did I want to go through a TV and punch the daylights out of a contestant before. Until she came along.

The worst contestant of 2018 goes to Jeana Turner from America's Next Top Model Cycle 24.

Final Placement: 2nd out of 15
Predicted Placement: 4th out of 15

Now don't me wrong, when I was first watching her I was really enjoying her. Her story was moving and she is a very beautiful girl. Too bad she couldn't fix it on the inside.

Let me get into detail on why I cannot stand her. Starting with her attitude towards her time there.

She would get really hateful towards production of the show and other competitors. She would show resentment on how well the others would do. That getting nasty when things were not in her favor. She could blame editing all she wants, but past alumni have stated that she is like this on and off camera. So that's a load of crap.

She was also really good at playing fake towards the other girls. An example was when people thought Rio was a mean girl and were talking about her. Jeana went straight to Rio to spill it all. To me I hate people that play that both side nonsense. Doesn't matter if I like them or not.

I feel that she was using her condition to get far with the judges. She has alopecia. Which if you don't know what that was it is a hair loss condition. Yes the story is motivational, but as weeks went on she started to use that as her reason why she should win the competition. I do not care for people who use their personal problems to win competitions (I mentioned it a few weeks ago). It's just weak to do and I feel it robbed several contestants due to it.

And then on top of all that she pulled a Winnie and said the show did not help her career in anyway possible. Well bitch who is going to remember you after that show? I have not heard a peep out of her since the show ended. Girls like Khrystyana, Kyla and Liberty managed to get a boost due to their time there and talk about how much they appreciate it. While you have this bitch acting as ungrateful as usual.

My final thoughts on her is that I have resented a lot of players this year, but no one could ever top her. A beautiful girl with a horrible personality. It's a shame we live in a world where you can be as nasty to people all you want....just look pretty!

She's a disgusting piece of work and I am so glad I will never see her on TV again.

Best Moment: When she took off her wig.
Worst Moment: Too many to say.

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Absolutely agree. She is one of the biggest examples of someone making things worse for them in their statements after the show they were on instead of owning it and apologizing, and it may or may not hurt her career for it
Sent by GrrrImABear,Dec 29, 2018
she was my fave for like the first 3 eps but she just got so negative and irritating as the season continued, so i agree
Sent by Lalisa,Dec 29, 2018
NAJSHSHSHSJS this made me queef
Sent by SaskiaRae,Dec 29, 2018
I only watched the first few episodes so I personally liked her, shame to hear she acted like this
Sent by BluJay112,Dec 30, 2018

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