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Stars Finals Blog!

1stMar 3, 2018 by AshlynArehart
Hi everyone! Well I didn't think it would be possible, but I made finals!

When the game first started my strategy was just to feel everyone out and be open to whatever deals were the best suited for me.  I found myself in majority alliances, multiple chats and potential final threes.

Early in the game I saw no reason to play hard as there was so many big names fighting for the leadership spot. It was better to play on the sidelines then in the field.

Though that strategy had to change when I faced my only eviction against my friend Question. He was deemed untrustworthy by the cast and because of association that meant I had to go up as well. It wasn't my proudest moment as I had bickered with several cast members. But I knew I couldn't let the drama hinder my game as I had much more fight left to give.

After surviving eviction I took a step back from strategizing until the time is right. When I got comfortable to play more hardcore I took it as a chance to help out with forming big moves and final deals.

I had an already made F3 with maturo and s73100, but I also had my deal with packersfan12 and totaldramalover3032. I even snagged a secret deal with C00LDUDE1000 and RealJacksonWalsh to make sure I had another security blanket.

The goal after was to make sure they were all pitted against one another while my name wasn't even in their thoughts. There was times where I almost got caught, but luckily I never had to worry too much.

I think I deserve to win this game because I came into it as a new face, and I showed myself and everyone around me that I was determined to go all the way. my social game is on point, my strategy paid off, and I was able to do all this without being fully suspected. even when I was facing eviction I didn't let that hinder my game. Don't get me wrong I thought on several occasions that I thought I was going to go up and go out, but I knew in my heart to heart that I could do it. I hope you consider all these aspects when you go to vote. It would be so awesome to be declared the winner. Thank you to everyone for supporting me this week. I couldn't have done it without all of you. Let's finish strong!

Good luck packersfan12 and maturo < 3



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