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Nominated for 12th!

3rdFeb 27, 2018 by AshlynArehart
Hey everyone!

Well I am finally on the block. I can’t really say I am surprised in all honesty. For someone who is brand new to Stars and had ZERO idea on how it worked, I was surprised to have gone this far without being nommed.

Seriously folks I thought I would be out 16th….LOL

Anyways I came into the game with the strategy to last as long as I could by just being nice. The challenge however was going into a cast that was filled with all these big names. Seeing how I was more known for my group game experiences, I was clearly in a brand-new environment. With that said I approached it from a group game perspective. Who could I trust the longest? Who could I trust long enough to get to single ranks? Who here is for sure someone I do not want to see go far?

I wouldn’t call myself the best player here because that would be a big lie. What I can say is that since the start of the game I have been a strong contender that just won’t give up until the results prove otherwise. There have been times where I was nervous, but it was only because people decided to single me out before anyone else. Lying isn’t the best thing to do in the game, but to get far you have to play a little shady.

Some will say I am a sheep, some will say I am a floater, but I know what I have been doing. I am far from ready for my Stars experience to end. I want to get back at those that decided to nominate me for eviction. If you guys decide to save me, I promise you to get my targets out of the game. Hopefully to make it to the end.

Any votes to save me will be appreciated. I will gladly repay the favor in any way possible. So, give me your spam, gift requests, whatever you decide! 😊

Good luck Question < 3



ily Ashlyn <3
Sent by Question,Feb 27, 2018
12 xx
Sent by obey_me,Feb 27, 2018
I really liked your plea; saved! GL
Sent by KateN7766,Feb 27, 2018
Plussed and saved.
Sent by TaraG,Feb 27, 2018
Good speech! You got my vote.
Sent by greyconverse,Feb 27, 2018
good luck ashlyn < 3333
Sent by Lamia,Feb 27, 2018

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