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  1. When people say I'm dull..
  2. Winston is so attractive omfg.
  3. Seriously though.
  4. Bayleigh wins BB20
  5. Ask me a question!
  6. Anyone watch Masterchef?
  7. Anyone want a compliment? Lol
  8. Will update in the morning.
  9. PYN
  10. Possible returnees?
  11. BB20 Tea.
  12. Questions, comments, concerns?
  13. Is Ocean's 8 any good?
  14. Surgery in an hour.
  15. Ask away
  16. Support!
  17. Got a question?
  18. Ask away!
  19. I'm not going to tag Matisse.
  20. Ask away
  21. Moments when Survivor got bad.
  22. May as well before bed.
  23. Questions??
  24. Question.
  25. Go for it. Lol
  26. PYN time. :P
  27. Eh. Go for it lol
  28. Yikes at this drama.
  29. Give me questions!
  30. Stars maybe?
  31. I'm bored so...
  32. I've had my fill of fighting.
  33. Then here's advice.
  34. PYN!
  35. Well it's like what they say.
  36. And people say that I'm easily triggered. :P
  37. I don't even have to do nothing..
  38. Ask me a question!
  39. Huh?
  40. Stars support!

Take time out of your day and apply!

Feb 26, 2018 by AshlynArehart
I'm searching for players to compete in my first ever season of Survivor. If you're wanting a fun back to basics game, then come on in and apply! :)

I promise you it'll be a lot of fun. Would love to get started soon!


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