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  1. Asssssssk a question?
  2. Okay but seriously give it a break.
  3. I'm just hoping this season isn't a shit show.
  4. The logic with some of you really are something...
  5. When people say I'm dull..
  6. Winston is so attractive omfg.
  7. Seriously though.
  8. Bayleigh wins BB20
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  10. Anyone watch Masterchef?
  11. Anyone want a compliment? Lol
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  15. BB20 Tea.
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  17. Is Ocean's 8 any good?
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  28. Question.
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  32. Yikes at this drama.
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  35. I'm bored so...
  36. I've had my fill of fighting.
  37. Then here's advice.
  38. PYN!
  39. Well it's like what they say.
  40. And people say that I'm easily triggered. :P

CBBUS Rankings: Episode 11

Feb 23, 2018 by AshlynArehart
I will not include evicted.

1. Ross (+0)
2. Ariadna (+0)
3. Marissa (+0)
4. Omarosa (+1)
5. Mark (+1)

Biggest Rise: Omarosa and Mark (+1)
Biggest Drop: N/A

Final thoughts on evicted:

Brandi Glanville: One word: Legend. I thought she was an amazing player in the game, and I hate that her big mouth got her out. Least she got her just desserts.

James Maslow: How he has fans I will never know. He is an arrogant punk, and I am so glad that he is out. Karma is a bitch. :)


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