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  1. who is getting a shop in the next weeks?
  2. Living alone is so much better
  3. My design got removed
  4. Post if u want it
  5. who wears khloe blonde
  6. 5/7 of my stock posted in labs
  7. Just my thought
  8. Does anyone remember my first hunger win?
  9. Honestly
  10. PSA
  11. Who wants to hook me up w designs
  12. How tf did I get a shop
  13. Kaycee is a nasty hateful bitch
  14. TBH I still think
  15. some of you grown ass bitches concern me
  16. What we really need to focus on
  17. How much health do u get from a sponsor
  18. My heart is broken
  19. Omg I’m dead at JC
  20. The first survivor I ever watched
  21. My opinions on #SHOPS bans
  22. Sam is the target
  23. Join survivor w me pls
  24. I’m sorry but I don’t understand
  25. Omg it’s been a minute
  26. Triple eviction tonight
  27. Who the fuck is brent
  29. Tyler is such an idiot
  30. Last chance
  32. Tyler once again
  33. I feel like Angela will win HOH
  34. omg
  36. I’m sorry but
  37. How fast does a hickey go away?
  38. Remember when TG was popping
  39. Is it just me or
  40. I hate Big Brother

Gift me the Lilac Dress

Mar 8, 2018 by Ashleybabyx3
Will gift back TWICE tomorrow (my shop)

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