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  1. In regards to last weeks shopping game
  2. Is survivor finale tomorrow?
  3. Creating my stock for next week
  4. The best-most loyal spaniard
  5. When my bf tells me he'll have a 3some
  6. The devil works hard
  7. Cheap original eyes (ones I鈥檓 wearing)!!
  8. Buy babies
  9. Get some cheap earmuffs 馃挆
  10. Support Angelina queen
  11. Pop a purch
  12. posted
  13. Last one
  14. How is my skin illegal
  15. Pop a purch
  16. Posted
  17. Buy from my shop if we鈥檙e friends
  18. Posted I guess ill give it a try!
  19. Who wants a gift from my shop?
  20. I missed my flight to Amsterdam! 馃槶
  21. Happy Holidays
  22. Are ppl really still t-dating
  23. Please gift me thank you next
  24. Gift me ty next please
  25. Kardashley
  26. I鈥檓 dead
  27. Join the survivor super tribe huns
  28. GIFT ME
  29. Gift me skin in Viv shop pls
  30. Also
  31. Friendly reminder
  32. I just won hunger
  35. can someone gift me the wig
  36. College is the best thing to ever happen to me
  37. So where can I find a Macys representative
  38. join survivor w me
  39. I have to be up at 8am
  40. Wth is this nasty ass stars final 3

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Mar 6, 2018 by Ashleybabyx3

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