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  1. My life is so good right now
  2. Anyone doing a BB20 draft?
  3. Honestly rooting for Japan
  4. gift me the weave please its so cheap!
  5. Honestly
  6. Love Hailegh and Bayleigh
  7. Who has 320 ts
  9. Gift me any of the outfits please!
  10. Every World Cup
  11. Give me a good reason
  12. Who wants the black allure ?
  13. OMG gift me this dress please
  14. 4 Special Players for BB20 Revealed
  15. Trip to Europe booked all summer
  16. Hacking accounts suck
  17. who remembers
  18. I will never understand
  19. My 2nd boyfriend
  20. Name a better duo I'll wait
  21. drag race is cancelled
  22. I'm moving to Sydney, Australia soon!
  23. I need the dress in iscotty shop now
  24. I'm the kind of person who will tell you
  25. Gift me the kardashian dress
  26. OMG me at
  27. Ugh I just had the best date ever
  28. I honestly can't date anyone
  29. Anyone else
  30. I love how hypocritical we are
  31. Gift me the dress
  32. ALSO selling designs in my shop for $5
  33. Check mails please!
  34. why is it that every week I gift
  35. OMG 500 gifts
  36. Who has chic pngs
  37. 1 gift till 500 omg
  38. OMG WHAT
  39. SURVIVOR South Africa RANKINGS
  40. Gift me the dress in Scotty shop

I dont understand

Mar 3, 2018 by Ashleybabyx3
why all the fucking snowbirds wanna vacation here in Miami from January-march
like first of all, the beach water is cold as fuck so come in the summer


are u dumb
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Mar 3, 2018

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