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  1. who is getting a shop in the next weeks?
  2. Living alone is so much better
  3. My design got removed
  4. Post if u want it
  5. who wears khloe blonde
  6. 5/7 of my stock posted in labs
  7. Just my thought
  8. Does anyone remember my first hunger win?
  9. Honestly
  10. PSA
  11. Who wants to hook me up w designs
  12. How tf did I get a shop
  13. Kaycee is a nasty hateful bitch
  14. TBH I still think
  15. some of you grown ass bitches concern me
  16. What we really need to focus on
  17. How much health do u get from a sponsor
  18. My heart is broken
  19. Omg I’m dead at JC
  20. The first survivor I ever watched
  21. My opinions on #SHOPS bans
  22. Sam is the target
  23. Join survivor w me pls
  24. I’m sorry but I don’t understand
  25. Omg it’s been a minute
  26. Triple eviction tonight
  27. Who the fuck is brent
  29. Tyler is such an idiot
  30. Last chance
  32. Tyler once again
  33. I feel like Angela will win HOH
  34. omg
  36. I’m sorry but
  37. How fast does a hickey go away?
  38. Remember when TG was popping
  39. Is it just me or
  40. I hate Big Brother

Which frat wants me?

Mar 3, 2018 by Ashleybabyx3
I'm literally leaving mine. I won the fucking stars seat and wasn't even asked if I wanted to play LOL


make ur own !
Sent by Nichole98,Mar 3, 2018
You can join mine if you’d like
Sent by Ametrine,Mar 3, 2018
Sent by Roshy,Mar 3, 2018
Wow... you should have been given a choice. Join ours
Sent by me2013,Mar 3, 2018
And looking at the frat mantra:

A lovely frat who will move mountains to make others happy. We only spread positivity and love. Feel free to join as long as you are a decent human being.....
Sent by me2013,Mar 3, 2018
Yea feel free to join. The rule in my frat is if you find the stars seat you get to pick who goes in... Plus i have a lot of nice people in my frat who will have ypur back
Sent by FireX,Mar 3, 2018

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