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  1. Who wants a gift from my shop?
  2. I missed my flight to Amsterdam! 馃槶
  3. Happy Holidays
  4. Are ppl really still t-dating
  5. Please gift me thank you next
  6. Gift me ty next please
  7. Kardashley
  8. I鈥檓 dead
  9. Join the survivor super tribe huns
  10. GIFT ME
  11. Gift me skin in Viv shop pls
  12. Also
  13. Friendly reminder
  14. I just won hunger
  17. can someone gift me the wig
  18. College is the best thing to ever happen to me
  19. So where can I find a Macys representative
  20. join survivor w me
  21. I have to be up at 8am
  22. Wth is this nasty ass stars final 3
  23. Stars #1
  24. How long before I propose?
  25. It鈥檚 crazy and quite concerning
  26. When someone posts a cry for help
  27. OMG that was so sad to read
  28. Wait hold up
  29. Does anyone have YouTube video
  30. Don't you love
  31. YAY time to get another shop this weekend
  32. Thanks for the gift babe <3
  33. I don鈥檛 get why
  34. Which 2 voted John
  35. I gotta say
  37. Why do ppl like Cirie so much
  40. Does anyone know

Which frat wants me?

Mar 3, 2018 by Ashleybabyx3
I'm literally leaving mine. I won the fucking stars seat and wasn't even asked if I wanted to play LOL


make ur own !
Sent by Nichole98,Mar 3, 2018
You can join mine if you鈥檇 like
Sent by Ametrine,Mar 3, 2018
Sent by Roshy,Mar 3, 2018
Wow... you should have been given a choice. Join ours
Sent by me2013,Mar 3, 2018
And looking at the frat mantra:

A lovely frat who will move mountains to make others happy. We only spread positivity and love. Feel free to join as long as you are a decent human being.....
Sent by me2013,Mar 3, 2018
Yea feel free to join. The rule in my frat is if you find the stars seat you get to pick who goes in... Plus i have a lot of nice people in my frat who will have ypur back
Sent by FireX,Mar 3, 2018

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