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  1. who wants to G4G the goth outfit
  2. Who got second place in otev
  3. Can someone link me to
  4. It’s crazy how
  5. Ofcourse a stupid twist
  6. Always follow your heart
  7. I need to get rid of my ts
  8. anyone want to g4g
  9. Gift me blonde charity please!
  10. Now that we have mods
  11. Can we talk about
  12. Gift me the balmain
  13. All stars thoughts?
  14. Angela is such a cunt
  15. BB20 Rankings
  16. yay we have mods
  17. I swear I wanna like FOUTTE so bad
  18. Yay! My fave BB20 contestant.
  19. seriously bitch
  20. Anyone have a live stream to the challenge
  21. Who’s your favorite
  22. Can someone explain to me
  23. Off to London again
  24. Who wants to g4g ?
  25. Who wants to g4g
  26. Heartbreak is seriously the worse
  27. That was so easy are u serious
  28. Gift me the dress in CHIC
  29. I'm so depressed
  30. Am I the only one who likes Kaitlyn
  31. Remember when
  32. I don’t understand
  33. I’m sorry but
  34. BB20 Rankings
  35. I’m so depressed
  36. Also
  37. I just got back from Santorini
  38. I don’t think
  39. So if there’s mods
  40. I seriously hate men

Second shop in a row 35/35

Feb 8, 2018 by Ashleybabyx3
equaling to 70/70!
Thanks to my speedy gifters <3
+ more! enjoy your gifts anyone who got 1


Sent by Maybelline,Feb 8, 2018
I didn't get one =[
Sent by Robbster1313,Feb 8, 2018
yay congrats! :)
Sent by GrrrImABear,Feb 8, 2018
proud of you kid
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 8, 2018

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