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Join frookies!!! Jul 30, 2019
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Frookies is so dumb now lmfao Mar 20, 2018
Call me a Survivor bitch because that's the only game left on this site I like lolz
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RIP ME Mar 13, 2018
Made a really dumb mistake tonight and it made me realize how awful I am :))) kill me!!!!!!
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Sky <3 Feb 23, 2018
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SOS Feb 11, 2018
in desperate need of eyes for my avi rip </3
this is an urgent emergency call to my frands
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I made a LOT of mistakes... Jan 22, 2018
In my blog about Robb, I basically complained about Rozlyn through Robb. There were a few things I stand by, but in general, I handled the whole situation wrong. I do want to distance myself from Roz and Sniffer, and I’ve actually realized that Roz is a bad person lol and I regret nothing I said about him.

But Robb was good to me for the most part and I had time to talk with him and voice my complaints. Because he’s better than Roz and Sniffer, he’s receptive to how I felt and only took issue with the way I handled this which came from a place of anger with the whole Rozlyn group and how Robb was complicit with it, but I’ve realized that I was wrong to lump him in with Roz completely. I do think there were many times where Robb was still inconsiderate toward me, but 1) he probably didn’t realize it and 2) I’ve probably done the same and also not realized it.

It’s a really good learning experience for me to not make assumptions about people, even online, because they might be better (or worse, in roz’s case) then you think they are.

So RobbX2, not that I expect to hop back on our friendship by any means, I apologize for mishandling the situation in regards to YOU, but I think I handled the rozlyn and TheKingsniffer part just fine, because they genuinely don’t care about other people and probably deserve it, honestly.

So bring on the hate, I guess? Like. Idk? At least I’m owning my mistakes and that’s more mature than if I didn’t so I’m not gonna regret making this blog.

That’s allllll.
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