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  1. Ban me
  2. Join survivor
  3. Don’t join survivor
  4. Follow the GoFund me link
  5. I only use 3 squares of toilet paper
  6. Stars support
  7. No title
  8. If you don’t have anything nice to say
  9. Top 30 guys on TG
  10. Does anyone else think their dad is kinda hot?
  11. Did ya miss me
  12. Bans make us dance
  13. Ranking BB20 Contestants
  14. Omarosa new big brother host
  15. Big Brother was renewed!!!!
  16. Would you rather have the duel or Stars?
  17. We’re breaking free....
  18. PYN and I’ll tell you which school subject..
  19. What the hell is DragonRopa
  20. Stop dropping panties and serving them.
  21. + Lavender Ladies
  22. The Brazilians are allowed to have friends too.
  23. PYN I’ll guess your religion
  24. Alex Borstein won!!!!!!
  25. PYN and I’ll tell you which Disney Channel..
  26. The REAL ranking of Selena Gomez and the Scene..
  27. Martin Karl Sandberg
  28. People who add the “You are here” to their..
  29. We want David2560 and LittleMix as noms!
  30. Tess Tyler
  31. Wait, so in stars you actually have to talk to..
  32. Congrats tyr3kflame
  33. Why is manniboi so mad today?
  35. Who’s this?
  36. That TBB popularity really died down
  37. Mariah Carey is so weird.
  38. Katherine Heigl forCBB2 pleass
  39. I hope Big Brother is cancelled
  40. If BB is cancelled Tengaged so go with it

If you don’t have anything nice to say

Oct 12, 2018 by AshelyMcDrama
Tell someone else that will say it loud


fuck my pussy
Sent by Sk8erGal,Oct 12, 2018

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