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Happy Easter!

Apr 12, 2009 by ArthurRedfield
Happy Easter, Tengaged! Hope you all have a great day!
Some advices:
a-) Don't eat too much chocolate. You don't really want a stomachache at Monday.
b-) Gimme the chocolate you were supposed to eat! LOL
c-) Enjoy the day with your family, it's a very good way to spend the day!
d-) Don't do anything that I wouldn't do!
Kisses, hugs


Happy Easter to you too :)
a)i have to chocolate = yummy
b)no thier mine :P
c)i will thanx
d)to late!! xD
Sent by Vessa,Apr 12, 2009
Happy easter to you too!
I hate chocolate lol
You can have all of my chocolate :)
Same to you!
I bet you would do EVERYTHING I would do LOL +++
Sent by RObbyROb,Apr 12, 2009
LOOOL, Rob, but I can't believe you hate chocolate :O
Sent by ArthurRedfield,Apr 12, 2009
Yes I know I'm bad :(
Sent by RObbyROb,Apr 12, 2009
happy easter
Sent by realitynerd,Apr 12, 2009
plus 7
Sent by DarkKnight,Apr 12, 2009

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