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How do you guys wake up

Jan 15, 2022 by Arris
does coffee alone make it for you or do you also need a shower? Or none , lol


bowl of Cold Soup
Sent by JonMcGillis,Jan 15, 2022
A baby in my stomach wakes me up lmao probably not the answer you're looking for
Sent by Brookie0126,Jan 15, 2022
lmfao brookie0126 not necessarily, but nevertheless, interesting to know
Sent by Arris,Jan 15, 2022
Just chill until I feel awake I always make sure I am up at least 3 hours before I need to go anywhere
Sent by Chic,Jan 15, 2022
i just get out of bed and brush my teeth
Sent by PureEssence,Jan 15, 2022

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