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  1. Me at people SPAMMING me
  2. Can y'all like make more charities
  3. Pyn for smash or pass
  4. How old were you
  5. Adjustment to the "adult life"
  6. Imagine liking
  7. PS > XBox
  8. Can't believe
  9. PYN and I will tell you
  10. Let's face it
  11. What's on tg that is still interesting
  12. Honestly this quote still applies to me
  13. Would you rather have
  14. List of movies I’m anticipating
  15. Guess the tengager
  16. Daily appreciation blog
  17. Does anyone else
  18. If you were a musican
  19. It's too fuckin' hot
  20. I'm like in love
  21. 13RW seasons ranking
  22. Global #1 smash hit
  23. As of today,
  24. Vote for the best song
  25. Is that a charity or what?
  26. Honestly, killing off Bryce Walker
  27. Who the heck is Ani
  28. Post your pic
  29. Is the 3rd season
  30. Listening to Lover
  31. I must admit
  32. Let's snap?
  33. pyn for a 2019 movie to see
  34. Sometimes I actually wonder
  35. Anyone else always cackles
  36. I've finally seen Ma
  37. Just ate four brownies
  38. Lover is the best
  39. I just napped
  40. Blogs have become so boring

How old were you

Sep 11, 2019 by Arris
when you stopped believing in Santa Clause?


*Claus illiterate
Sent by FlaggedALot,Sep 11, 2019
Good question. I think about 9/10?? Lol
Sent by Blitszims,Sep 11, 2019
blitszims he doesn’t want you ! Leave him alone
Sent by Sameed27,Sep 11, 2019
Still believe
Sent by Babyshark,Sep 11, 2019
10 kayleighwinz told me at a kelly clarkson concert and i cried
Sent by mathboy9,Sep 11, 2019
Never grew up being told he was real, assumed everyone knew he wasn’t lol
Sent by Anas,Sep 11, 2019
7 or 8
Sent by iAyeEye,Sep 12, 2019

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