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  1. I must admit
  2. Let's snap?
  3. pyn for a 2019 movie to see
  4. Sometimes I actually wonder
  5. Anyone else always cackles
  6. I've finally seen Ma
  7. Just ate four brownies
  8. Lover is the best
  9. I just napped
  10. Blogs have become so boring
  11. Oh man, now I finally understand
  12. I needa health
  13. Why is it that
  14. Is 11.20 per hour
  15. Did BB get any better?
  16. We love racists on tg
  17. Old Town Road
  18. Ok I need health
  19. I'm in UK
  20. What kind of exotic animal
  21. Can you blow my
  22. Another shooting in USA
  23. Some Americans are literally so dumb
  24. Post binge-wothy TV shows
  25. Would you rather eat
  26. To be honest, I have a very
  27. Obsessed with new Carly x Gryffin
  28. What is the point of designs
  29. ok is This Is Us
  30. When I see certain someone
  31. omg im nearly
  32. If you're loyal to me
  33. lol tg is rlly dead
  34. Rate my new glasses
  35. So I told 3 or 4 snapchaters
  36. Pyn and I will tell you
  37. I freakin hate find me
  38. I can’t even breathe
  39. It's 32 degrees
  40. so tomorrow is the finale

lmao @ harry styles

Jul 16, 2019 by Arris
to play Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid.


Wait really?
Sent by harrywasnak,Jul 16, 2019
yeh, Disney reportedly offered it to him a while ago, but he held off hoping to get Elvis Presley part, which he was eventually passed on for Austin Butler, so now he agreed to do this harrywasnak
Sent by Arris,Jul 16, 2019
Prince Eric could destroy my pussy.
Sent by TheQueenOfFierce,Jul 16, 2019

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